2018年1月 9日 (火)

Ze City Primary School kick shuttlecock competition

"Prepare - start timing!" The match officially started in the referee's remarks. For a time, colorful clapper on campus one after another, in everyone's feet opened a blossoming flowers. Upstairs cheerleaders upstairs happy, shouting wonderful. The whole scene was fierce, intense and orderly, bringing vitality to the campus.

The kick shuttlecock competition not only improves the students' physical fitness and strengthens their physique, but more importantly, it enhances the collective cohesion and enhances the unity and cooperation among the students. At the same time, it also creates a bright spot with the creation of a positive, healthy and vigorous campus cultural activity.

2017年12月28日 (木)

Teachers should have excellent traditional culture genes

What is really excellent traditional culture, how to inherit the core spirit of outstanding traditional culture? On December 21, 2017, Jingde Academy held a forum on "Confucianism, Respecting Teachers and Emphasizing Teaching". Lu Yunquan, director of Education Commission of Haidian District, Zhu Xiangfei, director of the academic department of China National Studies Center, Wu Yinghui, dean of Education Research Institute of Haidian District, Wu Yinghui, executive vice president of Jingde College, honorary president of Jingde College, Professor Qian Qi of Tsinghua University Institute of Thought and Culture, Professor Guo Qijia from Beijing Normal University and Professor Cheng Fangping, Han Xing, Luo Anxian, Peng Yongjie and Ren Feng from Renmin University of China attended the forum to jointly discuss the development of teachers 'and teachers' academies in the new era.

The current traditional culture and education in the country, society, schools attach great importance to, is the trend of the times. However, behind the hot spots and the focus of traditional culture, Building Lie focuses more on how to let teachers and students understand what is truly traditional culture and how to inherit the core spirit of traditional culture. "We should organically combine the cultivation of ethics and inheritance, the promotion of traditional culture, and the emphasis on 'teacher morality' in order to enable teachers to truly grasp the fundamental spirit of excellent traditional culture and to restore and enhance teachers' understanding of excellent traditional culture Self-confidence. "Building Lieru said.

In the opinion of Buildings Lie, China's outstanding traditional culture learning must be integrated with life and can stand the test of practice. The theory of "culture" is not a mere moral preaching, but a solution to the actual social problems and the social debate. Schools should encourage teachers to carry out their cultural work personally and give them a sense of familiarity with culture. Students should be encouraged to develop self-reliance and self-confidence so that children can develop good cultural awareness and ability at an early age. Only in this way can they have confidence in their own life, have confidence in their own learning, have confidence in their own work, have confidence in the overall culture of our country, and have confidence in the country and the nation The hong kong university scholarship for outstanding international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong..

"Even if the material level develops even better and the lack of a culture is fundamental, then it is pathetic." Ching Fangping, who is deeply sympathetic in his speech, notably mentioned that the greatest crisis caused by the break of excellent traditional culture is the psychological crisis and therefore requires the culture Sustained seeds are sown in education and this is a very significant one.

How to sow the seeds of excellent traditional culture in education, just add some courses, class hours? Cheng Fangping has different views: "Excellent traditional culture and education not simply add some courses, add some professional, but should become the most basic content of the entire education system.Traditional cultural education should penetrate all aspects of education, from pre-school to higher education , From in-class education to extra-curricular education.All the teachers should have at least the most basic understanding of China's excellent traditional culture, and only if they have such a cultural foundation can they be able to be a true teacher. "

When talking about outstanding traditional culture and education, we must talk about the problem of reading classics. As the son of a generation of Confucian moneymaker, Qianxun emphasized the reading of classical texts. "In the past, teachers say, students listen; teachers and students can now read together, or lead students to read because reading and listening are not the same: reading is a kind of active learning, the process of reading is actually a proactive thinking process From reading the scriptures to comprehending and comprehending the meanings of the words and words behind us, we all have the content of our active thinking.If you just listen to others, it is a passive acceptance of the conclusions of the lecturers and hard to think Time and opportunity, the listener does not get the direct classics, but by the lecturers digested content Searching for the best restaurants, quality hotels and Shopping in Hong Kong? The QTS Scheme is the city's recognised stamp of excellent service quality..

In this regard, Guo Qi family also believes that reading the classics, to read a word by word, have their own embodiment of life. "I think the most important thing is not to study, but to infiltrate these classic into our hearts, let our hearts be settled, our confidence has been increased, our spirit has been undermined. Chinese culture stresses the awakening of life, stress Beautiful humanity, to lead a conscience.Read traditional culture classics is actually let our lives get awakened. "

"The prerequisite of respecting teachers and re-teaching is to respect teachers' re-education, teachers' dignity and teachers' proper way to get people's true respect and dignity. It is very important for teachers to have a complete and traditional classics education. Only in this way can talents To complete the 'teacher' to 'teacher' conversion, to learn as a teacher, behavior world. "Han Xing said wset.

2017年12月20日 (水)

Dietary guidelines for patients with immunodeficiency

Dietary guidelines for immunocompromised patients:

1, when diarrhea, please ask the doctor in charge.Having a ceramic vape cartridge is advantageous in vape cartridge packaging as it\\\\\\\'s healthier. Ceramic parts are resistant to abrasion and oxidation unlike other alloy wires where, oxidation occurs at higher temperature.

2, meat: on the same day after buying home in the refrigerator, refrigerated, not to eat two frozen meat.

3. Vegetables: rinse with liquid water and do not use detergent.

4, fruit: the skin is complete and smooth. Rinse with liquid water. Do not peel. Bananas please agree with the doctor. Fresh juice still needs to be boiled after boiling.Do you have ideas about hong kong hotels booking? If no, maybe Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong could give you suggestions about booking Hong Kong hotel.

5, water, milk, biscuit, noodle: pay attention to the shelf life.

6. The condiments are cooked at the same time with the food.

Kitchen hygiene:

1, dishcloth: after the use of chlorine containing disinfectant or microwave oven high fire for 5 minutes, ventilation to dry.

2, cutting board, knife: separate raw, cooked, after using the flow of clean water with chlorine containing disinfectant, with special kitchen paper towel, or dry, do not wipe with a rag.

3, refrigerator health: meat and vegetables, fruits are stored separately. Keep the refrigerator clean with chlorine containing disinfectant every week.

4, tableware hygiene: before use, use microwave oven high fire for 5 minutes or boiling water, steaming for more than 20 minutes.

5, personal hygiene: before the operation flow of water wash with soap rub more than 15 seconds, with paper towels or a towel, hand towel daily cleaning and disinfection should be replaced, wash processed garbage or touched pets dermes.

2017年12月18日 (月)

Don't let China known as unlicensed tourist board

The twenty-second witnesses, female, 37 years, Chinese Ji, is a director of the Kota Kinabalu tourism company, the Deputy public prosecutor, questioning and Nahti pointed out that the relevant Chinese visitors online registration, arranged by his brother Chinese travel company, to the company to arrange the journey to Sabah.There's excellent quality vaporizer cartridge wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now.

She told the court in January 28th this year to ship that day, she had arranged 23 China tourists to Danrongya road stone dock by defendant owner ship, the owner is in the dock, she saw a pilot and two crew members on board.For those travelers who would like to go shopping in Hong Kong, Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong should be the most suitable hong kong hotels to stay at. Our hotel neighboring many shopping malls such as i-Square, K11 and The One. The valued guests could have a tea-time & coffee break in our lounge—Nobel Quad after shopping in nearby shopping mall.

She said, she arranged 23 tourists on board, have seen their lifebelts on the ship, set sail for about a few meters, the other 5 people on shore, when she has watched the tourists on board, ready to leave, then see the owner beckoned the ship back.

Deputy public prosecutor asked: "the ship before the opening line, you can see the ship have anyone to give passengers any instructions or warnings?" the witness replied: "I don't see the shore."

The Deputy Prosecutor asked again, "who has the right to decide how many people the ship can load?" the witness said there was no, and she said the owner had told her that the ship could carry 27 people.

However, when answering the other question, the witness said he had not seen the ship's license. The witness said, "if we know that the ship is not licensed, I will not arrange for 23 Chinese tourists to go on board."

In the case of 3 defendants Shalizha (26 years old, Cox), Captain (44 years old) and director of the shipping company (64 years old), were charged in January 28th this year on a ship, a life of danger to passengers caused by negligence, and 4 men and women tourists died, were violated article 337 of the criminal code and the provisions of 304A.Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and Attractions in Hong Kong via PartnerNet's travel website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.

2017年11月 8日 (水)

How to use a simple and effective way to whiten skin care?

1. Milk whitening
Prepare a small cup of milk, the summer can also put the milk into the refrigerator, apply cool, will be more comfortable. Steam the face with steam, fill the cotton up with fresh milk, apply it on the face for about fifteen minutes, remove, clean the milk on the face with clean water. For a long time, you can make the skin white and even.
2, aloe whitening
Prepare for three fingers, two fingers and long speckled aloe leaves, and then clean it up. Then a three centimeter cucumber, 1/4 egg white, 2 to 3 grams of pearl powder, and a proper amount of flour.
Put the aloe and cucumber into the juicer and pour it into the small bowl, then put it in the egg white, the pearl powder and the right amount of flour to make the paste, so as not to flow down.
Wash your face, put the paste on your face, wash it, take skin water, skin care products, 1 - 2 times a week.
3, tomato and honey whitening
This formula can also make whitening face and hands whitening. In particular, acne skin, can effectively remove greasy, prevent infection, make skin white and meticulous.
Formula: half a tomato, a proper amount of honey.
Usage: tomatoes can be stirred into tomato juice after adding honey stirred to paste. Apply evenly to the face or hand, and take about 15 minutes to wash away. It is suggested to do 1 - 2 times a week.
4. Whitening vegetables
Green pepper, cucumber, 1/4 balsam pear, celery, green apple and so on are made into beauty vegetable juice. There is enough vitamin C in this vegetable juice, which is very effective for whitening clinique fresh pressed.
5, vinegar egg white
Take one of the fresh eggs, wash the dry, add 500 ml of high quality vinegar and soak for one month. When the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar solution, take a small spoon of solution into a cup of boiled water, stir it and take a cup a day. Long term use of vinegar, can make the skin smooth and delicate, remove all facial spots.
6. honey protein membrane
A fresh egg, honey and a small spoon, mix the two evenly, before going to sleep with a clean soft brush brushing this film on the face, during massage can stimulate the skin cells, promote blood circulation. After a period of drying, wash with clean water, two times a week. This mask can also dilute water discharged after the hand wringing, winter can prevent chapped.
7. Whitening of traditional Chinese Medicine
Materials: Radix Angelicae dahuricae, licorice, nucleolus, angelica, mung bean powder and sandalwood are divided into the end of the research.
Wash your face: add a proper amount of water.
Face: add the protein of honey, milk and 1/4, apply properly to the whole face (of course eyes and mouth can not be applied), then wash it after dry. 1 to 2 times a week (not too many times, the skin will not bear), can be used for acne, black class, freckles, also can reduce the paranasal pores, used by people feel good, skin becomes white and tender, and cheap.
8. Whitening of Angelica dahurica
Material: Angelica 6 grams, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon honey and cucumber juice 1 tsp, olive oil 3 tsp.
Practice: first, the angelica dahurica powder, installed in the bowl, add egg yolk to stir evenly. Then add honey and cucumber juice, evenly spread it on the face, after about twenty minutes, then rinse with clean water. After washing the face, apply the olive oil with the make-up cotton, and apply it to the face for about 5 minutes. And then cover with hot towels on the face, at this time the cotton cotton do not need to be removed. After the towel is cooled, then remove the towel and make-up cotton and wash the face clinique vitamin c.
9, pearl powder whitening
Efficacy: the whitening effect is remarkable, and it has a good nourishing effect to the skin.
Practice: take 3 spoonful of pearl powder, a crushed vitamin E, and then make a paste with pure water. Apply the face, after 20 minutes, clean with pure water.
10, fresh fruit whitening
Efficacy: whitening, water supplement, very suitable for use in summer.
Practice: in the juicer, put the peel of lemon, apple, banana, longan and other fresh fruit, squeezed into juice. Take a raw egg, broken, egg white, drop out and mix thoroughly, mashed. Apply evenly to the face and neck, after 20 minutes, clean with pure water.
Simple homemade mask whitening
1. Milk Mask
Put about 30ML fresh milk in the container and soak the mask paper. Apply the mask paper soaked with milk on your face. Lie on the sofa for 15~20 minutes. Then remove the mask and clean the face with clean water.
The effect is whitening. Pay attention to the use of fresh milk, not milk powder.
2. red wine mask
Red wine 20ml, honey 2 spoonful, pearl powder a little mixed, coated on the face, about 5 minutes after washing with warm water.
The effect is whitening.
3. beancurd mask
Mash a piece of bean curd and filter the water with gauze. Add 15g flour and 5g honey and stir well. Apply it on the face and wash it after 20 minutes.
The effect can make the skin white and transparent.
4. bitter gourd mask
Chill the bitter gourd for 15 minutes, then cut into thin slices and put on the face. Clean it in 15 minutes.
Whitening and moisturizing.
5. Black Tea Mask
2 tablespoons of black tea, 2 tablespoons of red sugar, a little flour, a little water. Boil black tea and brown sugar for a moment and cool to 37~40 degrees. Add flour and mix well on the face. Wash it after 15 minutes.
The effect makes the skin white and moist.
6. egg mask
The preparation of this method is long. Immerse the egg in a proper amount of wine and seal it out for 28 days clinique fresh pressed. Every night before bedtime, apply the egg white to the surface.
Function emollient, whitening, and wrinkle.
8. loofah mask
Fresh silk gourd is squeezed into juice. After filtering, a spoonful of flour is added to the face for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Then, clean it with warm water.
The effect keeps the skin tender and whitening.

2017年11月 7日 (火)

What kind of nevus is easy to canceration?

The significance of the different position of moles are not the same, some indicates the disease, some meaning of health, so the body is long red mole and what does that mean?
Common red mole general bright red or cherry, is about the size of sesame seeds, generally occurs in the trunk and proximal extremities, increased with age. This is because of the atrophy of the skin surface, vascular hyperplasia of dermal papilla, so long a red birthmark, generally harmless to the body.If you buy a preheating battery online, you will get an extensive range of the product with colour and voltage options. The payment options are equally diverse and the preheat battery will be delivered to your doorstep!
But is not all there is a blood red birthmark, nevus, because the color is bright red, it is usually considered as ordinary red mole. Blood nevus, such as the size of mung bean, red or brown, protruding on the surface of the skin, also known as spider nevus. Blood nevus usually occurs due to increased estrogen and excessive fat in the body. If the blood mole suddenly appeared men and older women, it may indicate the occurrence of liver disease, such as liver cancer, chronic hepatitis or liver failure. This is because after liver disease, not normal inactivation of estrogen, the estrogen content increased, blood moles. In addition, the presence of blood moles indicates that liver function has tended to fail.
Hongzhi generally distributed in the trunk, such as the chest and back, some patients also grow on the face or front arm.
Red mole (also called blood nevus) changes with the blood content of the body, if the patients with anemia, bleeding, shock or death, blood moles will disappear. The blood is not just a symbol of nevus of liver lesion, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin deficiency, systemic lupus erythematosus disease patients also showed blood nevus. Some pregnant women, due to the rise in estrogen concentration, but also appear blood nevus, usually within a few months after production hours.
To sum up, on the body long red mole is not a normal phenomenon, there may be a sign of disease. We should observe our body more frequently in our daily life. Once abnormal happens, we should go to the hospital for examination immediately.
Some people live in small red mole grew on the body is a very common phenomenon, when the red mole, not only affect people's physical health, but also the appearance of the people to bring some trouble. So why the president of red mole? Small red mole grew on the body is going on?
There are many causes of long nevus on the body, a bit accompanied by itching feeling, and some without any feeling. No matter what kind of reason, the red dots on the body should be paid attention to. According to the different reasons, the corresponding measures should be adopted. In order to better understand the red nevus, here we listen to the experts how to answer.
Small red mole grew on the body is going on
Plastic surgery experts said the body does not appear red mole, will confound, first go to the professional hospital to find the cause of disease is diagnosed, spider mole, and then check the liver function and liver ultrasound, exclude malignant tumor and cause liver failure of various diseases, such as chronic hepatitis or liver cirrhosis. If it is caused by hepatitis B spider nevus, need to receive regular antiviral treatment will make it disappear, so as not to affect health.

2017年10月16日 (月)

Finger molting

In general, the main cause of finger molting is due to blood deficiency, blood dryness, or loss of skin. So, this situation, want to make the body back to health, then you need to do a good job of dispelling wind itching, and nourishing Runzao work.
Modern medicine believes that the main reason for finger molting is caused by fungal infection, in addition to chemical damage and congenital inheritance and other factors.
In daily life, we want to treat the problem of molting, then it is best to understand the cause of the disease, and then prescribe the right medicine.
Causes and treatment of finger molting
1. Peeling off molting
The surface of white ghost hands, no itching, inflammation.
The doctor pointed out, this is the most common and most hand cuticle prone to peeling chantui symptoms. Although it does not affect the appearance, but generally does not need treatment, as long as avoid contact with soap, hand sanitizer and other irritating chemicals, 2-3 weeks after self healing.
It can be treated with oral medicine, soaked with 30 grams of Chinese herbal medicine, Cortex Phellodendri and Atractylodes rhizome, coated in palm, and taking vitamin C at the same time.
2, dry dermatitis
Its white hands, fingers.
Dry molting is most common in young and middle-aged women, and is often associated with hand washing with soap. The number of hand washing should be reduced, alkaline soap and hand sanitizer should be avoided, gloves should be worn as much as possible.
3, shouxuan
The first hand appeared molting, and then developed to the hands. Palmar erythema, inflammation, itching, and most patients suffering from ringworm hand while suffering from tinea pedis.

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2017年7月 6日 (木)

VW Touareg finishes a tour along Silk Road

A fleet of 30 Touareg SUVs from Volkswagen have finished a 5,200-kilometer trip along the ancient Silk Road. The trip, which took 15 days to complete, was designed to demonstrate the model's ability to cope with different road conditions.There's already in the market, vape cartridge for concentrates oil extract, aka herbal essential! Its full ceramic body and metal seal makes it healthier and leak proof. The cartridges are easier to re-fill as well!

The journey, in celebration of the model's 15th anniversary, started from Luoyang, a city in central China's Henan province, to Horgos, a border city in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

"Our Touareg doesn't just look like a conqueror; it also acts like one," Axel Schroeder, managing director of Volkswagen Import, said.

Sporting a 3.0-liter V6 supercharged engine and an eight-speed Tiptronic transmission, the model boasts a maximum output of 235 kW and a top torque of 440 Nm.preschool hong kong kowloon tong-Homantin offers both trilingual and bilingual classes for children under the age of 2 years, and up to the age of 6. We are an IB World school implementing the IB Primary Years Programme and the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. We believe in providing our future generations with a high quality, balanced, and holistic educational experience.

It can finish a 0-100 km/h sprint in seven seconds and has a top speed of 235 km/h.

Schroeder said the model featured a strong body structure, and added its enhanced air suspension offered four modes of comfort and sport, on-road and off-road. He said it offered a ground clearance of up to 300 mm, and the 4-Motion technology enabled smooth driving through even very challenging conditions.

"Our number-one mission is to provide Chinese consumers with Volkswagen's latest and most authentic German-engineered cars," he said.

More than 150,000 Touaregs have been sold in China since its entry into the country during 2004.

In the past years, the Volkswagen Touareg has undertaken many grueling journeys and long-distance driving challenges.

In 2005, a Touareg drove up the world's highest active volcano, Ojos del Salado, and in 2014 the model traversed Europe and Africa in 21 days, breaking the multi-continent endurance record Турпакеты.

2017年6月22日 (木)

Gaming giants on the winning track

Gaming giants Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp have expanded their reach here after being banned before the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone was launched nearly four years ago Derma 21 hard sell.

The big two games console manufacturers were shut out of the market in 2000 and only broke back in more than a decade later.

Microsoft decided to link up with BesTV, a leading television group based in Shanghai, to set up a joint venture, which became the first company to be registered in the FTZ in 2013.

Sales revenue of the company's Xbox consoles quickly started to rise, exceeding $10 million annually in China reenex.

In the past three years, sales of hardware and software have maintained double-digit growth, with combined sales from Microsoft and Sony hitting nearly 1 million consoles.

To Xie Enwei, general manager of Xbox and studios business at Microsoft China, conceded it would never have happened without the help of Shanghai FTZ.

"We completed the filing and registration of our joint venture with BesTV within seven days," he recalled. "Our solely-owned game and entertainment equipment company was set up within 15 days."

Sony went down a similar route. The Japanese conglomerate set up a joint venture with local media company, Oriental Pearl, in 2014 to produce and sell its iconic PlayStation console job vacancy hk.

A year later, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita were officially launched in China.

"FTZ authorities provided an ideal business environment for the company," said Takehido Soeda, the head of Sony China. "The joint venture was the first step and we will expand our business portfolio in the zone."

A streamlined process when it comes to business and administration licenses has made it much easier for console makers such as Microsoft to operate here.

New policies covering work permits for "overseas experts" have also helped with Xbox's development in China.

"The system is much more efficient than many other countries and regions," Xie said.

On the back of this, Microsoft has rolled out more than 50 Xbox games here as well as developing domestic content.

The global online behemoth has also teamed up with leading Chinese players such as Tencent Holding Ltd and NetEase Inc to help Chinese games developers reach overseas markets.

"The Shanghai FTZ authorities have made great efforts to promote the Chinese games industry," Xie said. "They have come to understand that it will be difficult to seek sustained growth if Shanghai is over reliant on manufacturing."

Figures by global market consultancy IDC show that the Chinese game console market still has room to grow in the next few years.

In 2016, the size of the sector was estimated at 4.03 billion yuan ($593 million) with console sales topping 660 million yuan-a 200 percent rise year-on-year.

2017年6月15日 (木)

Ant woos 3rd-party financial shops

Ant woos 3rd-party financial shops

A mascot of Ant Financial is seen at its office in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Sept 21, 2016.[Photo/Agencies]

Ant Financial Services Group announced on Wednesday that it will allow third-party financial institutions to set up virtual shops through an indigenous app, another push to vie for supremacy in the country's booming online financial sector fraxel.

Banks and mutual funds can now publish content and sell their own financial products in a newly unveiled function, the "Fortune Account", via Ant Fortune, the wealth management app of Ant, according to Fan Zhiming, president of the payment business unit at Ant Financial.

"The overarching goal of the platform is to allow financial services to directly reach end-users, and to form an online community discussing wealth management options," he said Speed dating.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co Ltd, China Citic Bank Corp Ltd and Bosera Asset Management Co Ltd are among the first 10 institutions to have such services go live. Ant did not disclose whether and how it charges businesses commission fees.

According to Fan, the dashboard for Fortune Account owners would provide data analysis and customer relations management tools using data technologies and artificial intelligence.

Sister app Alipay, which provides a wide variety of payments and other mobile services, also provides access to such business, a strong indication that Ant wants to enhance customer loyalty through its existing 450 million Alipay users, said Li Chao, a senior analyst at iResearch.

"Ant's ambition is to mimic a high-end private banking model, where customers place the majority, if not all, of their assets in one channel because they can fulfill different financial tasks through a unified platform," he said Night Market in Hong Kong.

While a number of internet finance firms have launched, or expressed an intention to launch similar services, Ant has an advantage thanks to its massive customer base, a comprehensive payment system, and the consequent fame needed to win the trust of both partner institutions and end users, he said.

"In China there is no entrenched culture of buying wealth management products, traditionally targeting high net-worth investors and portfolio managers. Ant's idea of forging a virtual community also rides the next trend of attracting and retaining younger generation customers, who are used to dealing with financial matters online," said Ye Tan, a veteran financial commentator in China.