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2016年9月27日 (火)


Some things don't go well. Anyone who has the past cannot bear to think of the past, do not want to say, if you are very lucky to hear the voices of others, please don't make a joke. At least you were treated as friends, this kind of friend is not now the kind of proliferation of friends. Maybe at that time, you don't mind, I don't mind online digital agency. But after that, I think you will lose something, right? People will be selectively forgotten, will also be selective memory travel to Hong Kong and Macau. How many years have been a joke like perhaps is not worth mentioning, people because of identity, status, origin, knowledge, insights and so do not make friends, because there is little grudges and can't be friends.
-- a man who has always been betrayed by a friend, who has never betrayed and betrayed his chance company registration in hong kong.