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2016年10月13日 (木)


A beautiful old country, if the dust. Just at this time a had to find a place in the vast world, only to a. So, let alone, is enough to make a woman behind Best Restaurants in Hong Kong.
The region in the sea, such as duckweed, can not find a bank to stay. I just tired, want to find a can make a stop, let quiet since Anne, listening to flower birds, looked under the sun they can be so much better. The saying goes, a book for a pen, stop and go, do not know at the end of the beginning of this tour, enjoy this stolen moring.
Sunshine smile, warm and comfortable. With the bright sunshine on the road. Branches green, flower leaves, originally the scenery can be so beautiful, beautiful and chic. It is a peach tree, looking at the peach tree, reminiscent of peach, Taozhiyaoyao, shining, it is beautiful posture. Who is singing, half a Huibi Yunshan, the old peach can not see, who said A Maiden's Peach-Pink Face only extremely, Xie in the fundus of the fleeting time gradually. Ten in the old peach, to the other side, has not seen. And where is the other side of me, I do not know, it will continue on the road.
Xu breeze, whirling. It is like a child, dancing. I immediately play big heart, also like a child, jumping. I also have I green is young, thin, time seems to be fixed in this beautiful moment, it seems not old youth. But love will flow through the thought, and for a long time, what seems to her eyes, wet cheeks Hong Kong Cruises. I keep the turned upward.
And the house, and the house, and the land, and the land, and even the man, as he had seen and understood. I think, this is my heart of the place, otherwise it will lead to the consensus of my heart. It seems, I saw the bean Nanshan man is ploughing the field, contented and happy. It is the time, rather than just here to rest, to be tomorrow, a cottage home, on the stability of time spent.
Finally, I have found my return, and the book for the friends, to be a quiet woman. Have no regrets in this life plan your trip hong kong.