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2016年10月 7日 (金)

On February two

In February two, the rise of the dragon head, everyone. The night before the spring thunder, today the sun sign. (the "February two" - about dragon) time flies, the Spring Festival did not seem long, QQ group friends this morning to remind you that today is the "February two".
In February two, the rise of the dragon, a large warehouse full, Kokura flow hospitality management." This is our many years ago, the popular proverb, with the progress of the times, people to the "February two" given a lot of new content. But now the younger generation, including a lot of people in our generation, busy working every day, struggling for survival, with the accelerated pace of life, lifestyle changes, and used the Gregorian calendar week of our ancestors left to the traditional lunar new year, year after year in those days usually, it is rarely used.
"Leading shaving is very beautiful, there are a few people go through a barber shop in the" dragon rise "of the day. Shaved leading although there are good moral habits after a haircut, a bath, will not go to work in fine fig, until February two, just before the hair hasn't grown up yet, "February two" to "the leading shaving also that is not necessary, so people the content of this festival is gradually weakened, some of this festival does not seem to know.
Thousands of years of traditional farming life, has accumulated rich heritage of traditional ideas and culture, "February two" is a vivid reflection of the cultural heritage. The author believes that it is necessary for us to save the essence of the national culture, to understand the mentality and thought of our nation from the spirit, so as to strengthen the traditional culture and promote the national spirit.
In February two, the rise of the dragon, gold and silver to flow, good luck this year to start; in February two reenex cps, shaved, shaven trouble and sorrow, joy and happiness good omen; in February two, raise your hand, both good, bright future prospects; in February two, sweet in the heart, even on a business floor!
In the past, when young, "February two" every year on this day, the size of the town street barber shop bustling, parents take their children to the barber, hoping the good omen dragon head, bring good luck to a child, add happiness to life. "Shaving head" has become the parents of the heart of the event, it is a pity that the parents of the world.
According to legend, when Emperor Wu Zetian, angered the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor will not long Wang Shi Yu to the world, causing drought in 3 years. The Dragon King to have mercy on the people, secretly distributed Shi Yu, the Jade Emperor was laid down in the earth pressure. The emperor also stipulates: to the Dragon God, unless the flowering of the beans.
To save the Dragon King, in February two people think up, corn is not gold beans? So every family all popcorn in Chenggong. The helpless, will recall the Dragon King of heaven. In February two barber catch the dragon head, just give the tradition with the Dragon soaring, a scene of bustling activity auspicious meaning, so it is called "leading shaving".
In the north, in February two the typical custom is that people eat beans on this day, the barber barber.
"February two" called Zhonghe Festival (commonly known as the dragon head), in the north, also called the dragon on the rise, Chun long Festival, agricultural scolex, also called TaQingJie south. After February two, the spring rain is as precious as oil heavy earth, moist things. This holiday is a "water dragon" rain "in ancient times, and on the basis of the myths and legends of the world" tourism industry news.
"February two", the legend of the dragon is our ancestors in the snake, earthworms, etc. based on the imagination, and thus the snake is called "Little Dragon"". Before and after two in February, the snake, earthworms and other end of hibernation, began activities. The folk believes that the dragon is the symbol of the emperor, is auspicious, more rain dominate, "February two" is the dragon to heaven began activities of the day, so in February two, the rise of the dragon".
Astronomy expert analysis of "February 2-emergence", a symbol of rebirth, Spring returns to the good earth. Dragon Spring Festival, the spring breeze, the new star of the new wind blowing. Heaven and earth and the skill, the revival of fresh wind. Shaved leading although only a beautiful legend of the minds of the people with no reality whatever, is real.