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2016年11月 3日 (木)

Become a friend is the perfect victory

The mouse is the mountain of the pet, it asked the descendants of the mountain as a back to ordinary animals Новости туризма.

"In the animal world, the elephant is the strongest. You must conquer the elephant after you descend to be eligible to return to me. Otherwise, you will stay in the animal world forever."

The rats agreed to the conditions of the mountain.

But the mouse came to the animal kingdom, they feel it is a rash promise to the mountain gods. Because it is to the animal kingdom, found himself a small and weak animal, to beat the elephant is simply fantasy, it is regretted.

But the mouse decided to give it a try. He wondered if he'd gotten into the elephant's long nose and blocked the elephant's trachea with the body, forcing it to breathe.

That day, it took the elephant to eat the leaves of the machine, quietly into the elephant's nose, ready to implement its plan.

Unexpectedly, just go a short distance, the elephant feel itchy, they suddenly hit a sneeze, the mouse only heard a loud rang, suddenly feel dizzy, like shells were fired at the same height, landing after the whole body like broken The same pain.

It is about this elephant powerful Trip to Hong Kong & China.

The elephant thought, this mouse looks small, appetite is not small, really hateful. Then, as soon as the mouse was seen, the elephant took its big foot on the mouse.

Since then, the mouse is always far away from the elephant. It does not want to ask for it.

Can be a bolt. One day, the elephant fell into the hunter set the giant network. It struggled for a long time did not escape.

Mouse, this is a godsend, the elephant is now no resistance, as long as I dig a few holes in its vital site, it will be dead, and I do not beat the elephant yet?

However, the mouse to see the poor elephant appearance, and could not bear to start. Its conscience tells it that it should save the elephant.

So, it began to use its sharp teeth bite the net and the rope, I do not know how long, that giant network there has been a big gap, elephants suddenly a force, drilled out from the giant network.

Elephant from this thing, see the mouse valuable side, it decided to forge a friendship with the mouse, of course, rats are also willing to pay elephant this kind-hearted friend ground transfers in Hong Kong.

Thus, rats and elephants of the war for the jade silk.

Soon, the mountain god found the mouse, the mouse said: "I have not beat the elephant, it is probably impossible."

"You have turned your opponent into a friend," said the mountain god. "Is there any more perfect victory in the world?"