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2016年12月22日 (木)

Write on the heart of snow

I do not know where the snow in winter, the wilderness into a vast expanse of white, the whole world as silver carved jade carving general Hong Kong Stop over. The river frozen, the lake frozen, as if the whole world is frozen, and happiness, as if frozen, and happy, as if frozen, and frozen in the thick ice, frozen in the vast land, it seems Never thaw.

Spring Festival firecrackers, in the cold air floating, to this solemn winter brings a little vitality. Chinese New Year atmosphere faintly, in the soon solidified the streets in the walk, this lonely winter, only a trace of warmth. Small traders selling the sound of the New Year filled the city over the people in the procurement of New Year's happy, excretion of a helpless and empty, looking forward to the mood of the New Year seems not so thick Business Programme BBA.

In this ice and snow season, in this festive atmosphere of the festival. My friends in the distant border sent me a few photos. That picture, there are crystal clear ice, silver carved jade carved snow-like, there are a family of three people in the open snow in the joy of competition lens. However, let me see more is empty, helpless, lonely and lonely. They do not integrate into the joy of the Spring Festival, not into the warm family and friends to celebrate the festive atmosphere, but self-intoxicated in this snow world, this ice world. Only the photo of the hero's face with a little bit of a smile, only to make this quiet and cold the earth has some warmth.

I do not know the photo of the male owner, or hostess, or who is not a small child, in a spotless, clean snow on the big step to take a heart shape, its background is sparse sparse Of the woods, not a piece of green leaves, which makes me feel surprised.

I do not know in this white earth, that big heart shape is for whom to write? Is it for the earth? Is it for the heavens? Or to reveal the share of the remaining few residual situation. But I know that snow is white, ice, is crystal, and sinking heart is certainly pure capital. This is not a mountain, this is not what the sea vows, which is written in the earth a magnanimous heart WAN Optimization Solution. In this cold winter, the heart, like snow white, like ice crystal. Can such a heart exposed in between heaven and earth, a kind of frank and generous, blowing.

Chinese New Year, reading a few simple background, the content is even more simple photos, I feel the slightest loneliness and open. However, when I saw the big heart sinking in the snow, but I feel the existence of the truth of this world; let me feel the existence of life in this ice and snow; I feel that the residual situation still has a vitality ; Also let me deeply realized that in the rest of the people there is still a long way to go, there are a lot of happy time waiting for us to enjoy.

Sinking in the ice and snow on the heart, it seems cold, cold, but I clearly feel it is beating in the fierce, the earth, as if also will quiver, in that white background, it seems to write Under a section of the course of the heart.

Until the time of spring, until the time of snow and ice melting, sinking heart will melt in the spring of the rapids, it will take root in the earth, germination, the results. Since then, in the heart of the heart, there is no cycle of the four seasons, will be eternal eternal change.