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2017年1月18日 (水)

Love, has been in


She is a chicken, he is a monkey, they seem to always verify the "chicken monkey is not the end of the" marriage vulgar theory. They quarrel, each time very fierce. Many times, the people around them even their children think they can not go on. But each time, their quarrel is like a volcanic eruption, after the eruption will gradually attributed to calm Wedding planner. So repeated cycle, this off, that is, for decades, life.
They are old. The children are home, not around. Although he retreated, but after all running out for so many years, suddenly idle down, always felt empty heart of the. He reached out to the money to invest her money, she strongly refused to give, and confidently claim that no money at home to his excesses. As a result, two people still noisy, not only noisy, but also turned the old account. He complained of her short-sighted, less than the right places, suspected her money at home do not know where to use. She said he suspected heavy, small-minded, that he is old and old is not corpuscles live, blind toss ... ...
Since then, he ran out of sight day. Although the sum of people to do without the small profits of the sale, not to mention the return on profits, but he was happy Happy. The most important thing is not to listen to her nagging, do not quarrel with her Victoria (Upper Kornhill) Nursery offers baby play group hong kong. English and Chinese Staff will have interaction with students which will creat a trilingual playgroup learning environment for students..
That day, her sudden cerebral hemorrhage, no rescue came, gone.
The family never hear her nagging, and he suddenly felt the terrible silence of the family. He found a few deposit slips in one of her purplish red coats as she packed her clothes. Each deposit is his name, he counted a total of 60,000. They both are ordinary wage earners, he can not imagine how she was for the reading of three children, to pay all the circumstances of the home, save such a sum of "money" left to him.
Each scene of the quarrel scene flashed in front of his eyes ... ... he remembered that every time they quarrel for money quarrel fierce, she will tell him that she is not the day to know where to go the money. He hates his suspicions and cautiousness, he hates himself because she does not often wear this he bought for the expensive coat and angry, quarrel, and even said she was born poor life of the ruthless.
Tears burst down business bank account requirement.
Marriage in the boring day is long, in the boring and long years, silently for another person, think of their lives beyond the distance, this is not love, what is it!