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2017年2月17日 (金)

Shame and then brave


Life is never smooth, along the road scenery is not all the flowers, sunny. In the tranquil afternoon, setbacks with the suffering, sometimes as the wind coerced with dark clouds, caught off guard, from the sky swept from, instant, heavy rain poured, Montreal messy dermes.

The face of sudden setbacks and suffering, pretending to be chic and open-minded, to Q Q paralyze their own, is never useful to escape, the face, always to face, it is placed in front of you in the life of a Hom Children, you can be humble lying on the bottom of the pit, forget the past, but you will live in the pit at the end of life, you can silently accumulate strength, struggling to take off, jumped gully, from the new world of life dermes.

Remember that these have brought you pain, destroyed the hardships of your life, shame after the brave, these shame, into a record spicy and powerful spur, pumping in our back, into our hearts Let us take full advantage!

Those who flirtatious praise and encouragement, not enough to accompany you to travel, only that melt into the blood, engraved on the bones of shame and humiliation, in order to eventually unwilling to Yang Tian roar, to stimulate your bloody and fighting spirit, smashed all difficulties Live your yoke fetters, get rid of all the burly baggage, with full of shame and the slightest insignificant, but not to blasphemy of dignity, to do to others to see, but also to do their own to see that they are not weak company registry hong kong!

Yu Minhong once said that there are two ways to live, one is to do every day to absorb the rain sunshine, but grow small grass, people can step on you, but not mercy on you, because people did not see you, a Is to grow into a towering tree, very far away people can see, into the shade, after death is still a pillar of the talent, alive and alive are useful.

We ordinary people may be born a grass, was stepped on the soil, was pressed under the stone, but it is not terrible, we can not really destroy, shame after the courage, these experiences into growth Of the nutrients, transformed into a robust tree seedlings, breaking ground out, the top open boulders, blooming out of their own glory.

As for the shame of the hugs Han Xin, hardship Gou Jian, the North Sea Shepherd Su Wu, suffered the palace of Sima Qian.

Ancient into the event, not only the supernatural talent, but also must be perseverance of the Zhi, shame after the courage of the heart!