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2017年3月29日 (水)

Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' continues to lead box office

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast continued to dominate the North American box office with an estimated $88.3 million this weekend, and powered the movie studios to have the best cumulative march film attendance ever.

The Disney monster's North American cume of $317 million is the fourth-biggest 10-day total in history. Overseas, the film likewise stayed atop the chart, grossing $119.2 million for a foreign tally of $373.3 million and $690.3 million globally, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In a distant second, Lionsgate and Saban's Power Rangers opened with a strong $40.5 million. About five teenagers who must become something extraordinary when their small town and the world is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat, the PG-13 reboot of the campy television show cost a reported $100 million to produce warrant calculator .

The film scored an "A" CinemaScore from opening day audiences, of which 30% were under the age of 18 and scored the film an "A+" Filing Cabinet.

Thanks to Beauty and the Beast, Warner's Kong:Skull Island , Fox's Logan, and now Power Rangers among other titles, March box office has already hit $1 billion for the first time -- with five days left in the month according to comScore.

Kong: Skull Island was in third place, with an estimated $14.4 million in weekend sales and a 10-day running total of $133.5 million almo nature.