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2017年11月 7日 (火)

What kind of nevus is easy to canceration?

The significance of the different position of moles are not the same, some indicates the disease, some meaning of health, so the body is long red mole and what does that mean?
Common red mole general bright red or cherry, is about the size of sesame seeds, generally occurs in the trunk and proximal extremities, increased with age. This is because of the atrophy of the skin surface, vascular hyperplasia of dermal papilla, so long a red birthmark, generally harmless to the body.If you buy a preheating battery online, you will get an extensive range of the product with colour and voltage options. The payment options are equally diverse and the preheat battery will be delivered to your doorstep!
But is not all there is a blood red birthmark, nevus, because the color is bright red, it is usually considered as ordinary red mole. Blood nevus, such as the size of mung bean, red or brown, protruding on the surface of the skin, also known as spider nevus. Blood nevus usually occurs due to increased estrogen and excessive fat in the body. If the blood mole suddenly appeared men and older women, it may indicate the occurrence of liver disease, such as liver cancer, chronic hepatitis or liver failure. This is because after liver disease, not normal inactivation of estrogen, the estrogen content increased, blood moles. In addition, the presence of blood moles indicates that liver function has tended to fail.
Hongzhi generally distributed in the trunk, such as the chest and back, some patients also grow on the face or front arm.
Red mole (also called blood nevus) changes with the blood content of the body, if the patients with anemia, bleeding, shock or death, blood moles will disappear. The blood is not just a symbol of nevus of liver lesion, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin deficiency, systemic lupus erythematosus disease patients also showed blood nevus. Some pregnant women, due to the rise in estrogen concentration, but also appear blood nevus, usually within a few months after production hours.
To sum up, on the body long red mole is not a normal phenomenon, there may be a sign of disease. We should observe our body more frequently in our daily life. Once abnormal happens, we should go to the hospital for examination immediately.
Some people live in small red mole grew on the body is a very common phenomenon, when the red mole, not only affect people's physical health, but also the appearance of the people to bring some trouble. So why the president of red mole? Small red mole grew on the body is going on?
There are many causes of long nevus on the body, a bit accompanied by itching feeling, and some without any feeling. No matter what kind of reason, the red dots on the body should be paid attention to. According to the different reasons, the corresponding measures should be adopted. In order to better understand the red nevus, here we listen to the experts how to answer.
Small red mole grew on the body is going on
Plastic surgery experts said the body does not appear red mole, will confound, first go to the professional hospital to find the cause of disease is diagnosed, spider mole, and then check the liver function and liver ultrasound, exclude malignant tumor and cause liver failure of various diseases, such as chronic hepatitis or liver cirrhosis. If it is caused by hepatitis B spider nevus, need to receive regular antiviral treatment will make it disappear, so as not to affect health.