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2018年1月25日 (木)

Network class can also be fun shopping festival

The full range of popular courses 15% off, the original price of the original time fee draws a gift bag, to participate in "learning to lie"... In the past, "double 12" Shopping Festival, many online education platform new concessions, new play fire a fire. In 2017, China online education industry white paper shows that in 2017, the scale of China online education market is expected to reach 281 billion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan in 2018.

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However, behind the huge users and the scale of the market, it is the "growing trouble" in the rapid development. Recently, students frequently burst homework APP content jurisprudence scandal, eye popping; lack of platform qualification checks, the so-called "masters" are adulterated water, difficult for the teaching task; many learners online educational video card, interactive software, Tucao slowly exposed some technical bottlenecks......

The nineteen major reports of the Party pointed out that pre school education, special education and network education should be done well. From "looking up at blackboards" to "looking down at mobile phones", whether online education can bring real effects and experience optimization will change the bottleneck of development and explore continuously.


There is a shortage of content and vulgar supervision

Open an online homework APP, click into the "circle of students" plate, "primary school self" friends "like real mind" and "remote zero distance" vulgar content, ambiguous words and the name of the forum topic title surprising, some are also playing the "recommended" label. Many parents worry about the idea that the next software can help the children to learn, and there are so many things.

This should be a learning partner online learning platform, has become the "shelter evil people and countenance evil practices". Some APP set up a "forum", "circle" under the banner of "relaxed moment" "wonderful world" guise, to attract the attention of vulgar posts; some entrainment in the functional design of contraband, inducing users to download other software containing pornographic and violent contents in eye-catching words to users, especially adverse effect elementary and middle school students' physical and mental health development.

In July this year, the Ministry of industry and Commerce implemented the Interim Provisions on the management of preset and distribution of mobile intelligent terminal applications, which clearly stipulates that Internet information providers can not provide or disseminate mobile intelligent terminal application software containing pornographic content. However, from the provisions to the implementation, there is still a considerable distance.

PolyU offers internship programmes opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.

In August, a netizen named "Xiao Di" uploaded a group of cartoons on an online homework guidance APP, and claimed that "10 buildings per floor (reply or update) will be updated." Of the more than 10 pictures that they have uploaded, most of them contain pornographic and obscene content. Compared with the rapid spread of yellow content, the platform did not take measures to delete the post in time, which resulted in the continuous diffusion of bad content.

To remove dirt and Yang Qing, the platform is strictly duty bound to be duty bound. In August this year, online homework coaching APP "homework circle" on the "school circle" plate published a notice: "we decided to stop schoolmates' updates and browse services, and make a comprehensive review and upgrading of content system." Earlier, many online homework tutoring APP caused questions from parents and the media because of the Yellow vulgar content in the related discussion area.

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"The development of online education industry is standardized and orderly, keeping the bottom line, not only by enterprise and platform strictly self-discipline, and the supervision of the administrative department can not be absent." Cheng Fangping, a professor at the school of education in Renmin University of China, thinks that if we want to control the content of the industry, we need more departments such as education, industry and commerce, network letters and so on. Not only as soon as possible to improve the relevant provisions of the system, the introduction of standardized system of standards, to strengthen law enforcement, establish effective supervision mechanism and effective punishment mechanism, make jurisprudence inferior and illegal content, no place to hide.

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