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2018年2月 2日 (金)

Amending the land management law

Zhang Dejiang pointed out that 2018 is the beginning of the nineteen spirit of the party's implementation and the first year of the thirteen National People's Congress and its Standing Committee's performance according to law. The party's nineteen established the historical status of the thought of Xi Jinping's socialist new era China, opened the overall construction of socialist modernization of the country a new journey, further pointed out the direction of the cause of the party and the state, at the same time to improve the people in power system, the development of socialist democratic politics to make a major deployment, to do the work of the NPC, a new era of deepening the law the rule of practice put forward clear requirements.

According to the legislative work arrangement in 2018, Zhang Dejiang pointed out that we should compile the legislative plan of the thirteen National People's Congress, and make overall plans for the next five years. We should improve the organization law of the state institutions, modify the organization law of the people's court, the organization law of the people's Procuratorate, and the civil service law. The perfection of legal system construction of modern economic system, accelerate the codification of civil law, civil law review sub series; implement the principles of statutory taxes, develop the land use tax, vehicle purchase tax, resource tax, real estate tax law study and formulate, modify the law of tax collection and management; develop foreign investment law, the law of electronic commerce, changes of rural land contract law, land management law etc.. We should strengthen legislation in social, cultural and ecological aspects, formulate community correction law, basic health care and health promotion law, soil pollution prevention and control law, and modify the law of solid waste pollution prevention and control. Amend the criminal procedure law.

It is worth noting that this is the fourth official statement on the real estate tax since the opening of the two sessions. Previously, the premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, made the government work report in March 5th, to promote the legislation of the real estate tax. March 4th, March 6th, the first session of thirteen NPC spokesman Zhang Yesui and deputy finance minister Shi Yaobin said at the press conference, the real estate tax legislation by the NPC Standing Committee, the budget committee and the Ministry of finance led the organization is currently drafting, design, improvement, and demonstration and listen the pavilia bay.