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2018年3月28日 (水)

Russia is Qi Sheng Ping dance party

  The curtain slowly opened, greeted by a row of white dress girl, they like only a elegant white swan, dancing, opened the curtain of the Russian art festival.

Feng BAI received his MPhil degree in Management Sciences and his PhD degree in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. His research focuses on understanding the role of morality, particularly moral virtue, in shaping social inequalities.

  The ancient harmony is good news, so that wall, and meet will wipe out what kind of spark? The Party of the guzheng piano ensemble tells us it is a beautiful song. Street dance, classical dance, catwalk shows, students vigorous figure and graceful dance will hook the audience's attention appearance; Russian chorus, Chinese Kushiyaki, voice to listen; and the magic show and campus life linked pure Russian culture series, once appeared to win applause.

  "The performance of the magic was also a long time, but the performance was still nervous, but I was very happy to see people like my show." Zhang Xiaolin, the Orlando performer, the Russian 2016 level 2+3, said after the show.

  During the program break time, the host also organized everyone to play the game of chair grabbing. The audience actively participated in it. No matter how much the prize was, everyone was overflowing with happy colors. WeChat's wall messages and all kinds of activities made the audience happy.immune checkpoint inhibitors: possibility of adverse rheumatoid events for more information.

  "The party is not only good, but also fun, and more important is to deepen the understanding of Russian culture, it is very meaningful." As a Russian language student, Ma is hoping to hold more similar activities, "play in school, play high school".

  Sino Russian converge of classical culture

  "Enchanting smiles six palaces, no color......" Beautiful scene, soft music, a blend of Chinese and western, ancient and modern blend, Russian students and Russian students to tell the "song" in the sad and beautiful love story. "This is the first time to see this kind of deduction, very new, and very cultural charm." Safety engineering class 1702 Sun Wenyue to express his "song" interpretation of the surprise.

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