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2018年5月 2日 (水)

Recognition of individualized education concept and implementation plan

  At the meeting, Lv Yugang, director of the basic education department of the Ministry of education, first expressed the high importance of the Ministry of education to the special management of the training institutions outside the school, and will strictly standardize the activities of the outside school training institutions in accordance with the general idea of "according to law, classification and policy, internal and external linkage and synergistic governance", and make a solid promotion of special management. In order to promote the long-term, orderly and healthy development of off campus training institutions, we should work hard to lighten the extracurricular burdens of primary and secondary school students and build a good social atmosphere. Subsequently, the leaders of the four departments of education in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Nanchang put forward "strengthening organizational leadership, refining management tasks", "establishing a long-term management mechanism for education and training market", "strengthening department linkage, target management", "strict, blocking, sparse" and so on. We also shared the confidence and determination of further strengthening the rectification.

  Big education is invited to attend the meeting of the Ministry of education, and the personalized education concept and implementation plan have been approved.

  As a representative of the outside school training organization, CEO Jin Xin, a major education student, shared the implementation plan of the "notice" at the meeting. He said that he paid great attention to the action. After receiving the notice, he actively carried out various investigation work and put forward "study and self check" according to the content of the notice. The implementation plan of "three steps": "check", "one by one implementation, comprehensive governance", "quality education and pluralistic development". In the stage of "carrying out study, self-examination and self-examination", we have learned to mobilize all the staff to understand the spirit of the notice in depth, and make clear the scope of self-examination to the campus of the whole country, and have promulgated the notice of "ten to ten inaccuracy", and set up a clear and quantifiable standard. On the basis of the self-examination and self-examination of the national campus, from March 17th, the major education has entered the second stage of "one by one and comprehensive management". In this stage, the "complete certificate of running a school", "ensuring the safety of the field without death angle", "strictly following the curriculum standards, focusing on the core quality of the subject", and "strict" No false propaganda "," serious teacher ethics teacher looks "," sound complaints supervision and management mechanism "six aspects of construction as the focus of the work, and require specific measures in every aspect, can be quantified and traceable. In the future, on the basis of the characteristics of individualized teaching, the major education should take the intelligent technology as a means to excavate the students' individualized potential and develop more courses suitable for quality education. It is expected that through the promotion of internal work and the implementation of the "teaching research +" strategy, we will actively promote the schools all over the major education and become the educational enterprises of the government, the social satisfaction and the students' love.

  Big education is invited to attend the meeting of the Ministry of education, and the personalized education concept and implementation plan have been approved.

  At the same time, the major education CEO also clearly expressed the adherence to the concept of individualized education. He said: "17 years since the founding of the major education, it has been to serve the students' growth, promote educational reform, and strive to contribute to the society." since the beginning of the founding of the University, the concept of "sexual education" has been put forward, and the individual is advocated to respect the individual. Differences, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, developing potentials and diversified development concepts of service, and implementing individualized education to promote students' independent development and maximum development. This initial heart has not changed in the past, it will not change now, and will not change in the future.

  The four departments of the Ministry of education, such as the office of the Ministry of education, jointly issued the "notice", not only to establish the proper meaning of the industry order and to establish the industry standard, but also to protect the healthy, orderly and healthy development of the industry. Private education is the important growth point of the development of socialist education and the important force to promote the reform of education. Outside training is an important part of the private education. It should respect the law of education, respect the needs of the development and healthy growth of young people, standardize the management, and pay more attention to the comprehensive training and synthesis of students' ability. The improvement of the quality. Education will take the "notice" as the yardstick, always introspection and self-knowledge, and contribute to the establishment of a good training market order.