2017年6月 1日 (木)

Best international teachers recognized in Beijing

Nobel Prize winner James Fraser Stoddart was among the 10 best 2016 international educators honored at an awards ceremony in Beijing on May 13 Polar M600.

With a wide range of academic backgrounds, these teachers were recognized for their achievement and devotion to education in China. James Fraser Stoddart, who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry and is an expert on the national 1000 Talent Plan, delivered a keynote speech after receiving his award Polar.

Lu Ming, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, said: "The development of China reflects the advancement of the world. In the future, China will attract more foreign experts to achieve their dreams and further promote friendly exchanges with other countries."

Sponsored by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the event invited over 350 guests, including officials from bureaus of foreign expert affairs and education, award-winning organizations and individuals, as well as international teacher representatives polar m200.

2017年5月24日 (水)

A Tripod Gilt Bronze and Cloisonné Enamel Censer

But by that time, international auction houses like Christie's and Sotheby's had already conducted antique sales in Hong Kong reenex facial.

Chak and other dealers were frequent bidders for such sales.

Still he believed the city needed an antiques fair.

"A difference between a fair and an auction is that at a fair, people have more time to communicate with exhibitors and to decide whether to buy or not.

"While at an auction, the bidding runs fast. The object is sold in a flash, before you have a thorough consideration."

At the beginning there were few mainland visitors at the fair. But gradually it has attracted a number of collectors and exhibitors, and a bulk of them are from Beijing, a hub of classic Chinese art.

Chak says they began to hold road shows for the fair in Beijing and Shanghai last year. They want to reach more dealers and collectors, and are keen to expand the fair to the mainland Hong Kong food tour.

Chak says some local governments have reached out to them in the hope of holding the fair in their cities. "We are happy to bring a lineup of international dealers to the mainland."

Chak says the fair normally has some 70 exhibitors from across the world, and the total value of their objects may surpass hundreds of millions of HK dollars.

"We hope that there will be preferential tax policies."

Christian Deydier, a French dealer who regularly exhibits at the fair, says for Chinese collectors and dealers who are new to an international market, attending a fair is part of the lot of "homework" they should do if they want to make collecting a long-term commitment dermes.

"Collectors need to go to a museum, read books, talk to dealers and touch the objects at the fair, as it's very difficult to be a collector."

2017年5月16日 (火)

Romance of words

An early edition of Romeo and Juliet is part of a stunning collection of treasures the British Library has brought to China. Mei Jia reports dermes vs medilase.

The 1599 quarto edition of Romeo and Juliet, once owned by King George III, is exceptionally rare: When it was printed, William Shakespeare was still alive and the play had already debuted. This version could well be the most accurate and closest to the Bard's original.

William Wordsworth's manuscript of his poem Daffodils includes handwritten notes the romantic master gave to the printer about where to place the verse.

Those are two of the 11 precious exhibits that are touring China for the first time, in a special exhibition of British literary masters - Shakespeare to Sherlock: Treasures of the British Library - at the National Library of China.

The exhibition, jointly organized by the national library and the British Library, runs through June 21 dermes vs medilase.

"We chose works that are iconic in Britain, and are also known, liked and well-understood by Chinese," says Alexandra Ault, curator of the exhibition.

Her British Library colleague Jamie Andrews says: "We want to make a new partnership, a new friendship in China through culture and learning. There is no better way to do it than through English literature."

At the exhibition, the Shakespearean classic is shown side by side with a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) copy of The Peony Pavilion, by the Bard's Chinese contemporary playwright Tang Xianzu.

Tessa Blackstone, chairman of the British Library Board, says she feels strong cultural links between the two countries, which "convey a sort of universality of literature", is a way of communicating our feelings, expressing our ideas and developing our humor or even creating tragedies.

The nine manuscripts and two early specimens of the British masters share the stage with 119 Chinese items, including key Chinese translations, adaptations and critical responses in categories of poetry, dramas and novels dermes vs medilase.

Lei Qiang, curator of the Chinese exhibits, is the one who suggested that a copy of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield be included in the exhibition because Chinese readers it know much better than the previously planned Nicholas Nickleby.

From the national library's rich collections, there are translations of Dickens' works by Lin Shu from the turn of the 20th century, as well as works by writers like Lao She, who has been influenced by Dickens' depiction of people of various social status.

2017年5月 4日 (木)

Book details Tokyo Trial, keeping memory of postwar tribunal alive

Book details Tokyo Trial, keeping memory of postwar tribunal alive

Cheng Zhaoqi, author of The Tokyo Trial: For World Peace and director of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Center for the Tokyo Trial Studies, speaks at the premiere of the book at the university on Tuesday Neo skin lab.[Photo by Gao Erqiang/China Daily]

A book outlining the history of tribunals for accused Japanese war criminals, and its far-reaching impact, made its debut in Shanghai on Tuesday.

The Tokyo Trial: For World Peace, showcases the latest viewpoints and evidence collected by researchers in China, Japan and the West, said Cheng Zhaoqi, the book's author and director of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Center for the Tokyo Trial Studies Neo skin lab.

"We present the readers with a more substantial and objective legal basis of the whole process, from the establishment of the court and the disputes over jurisdiction to the court trials and the discussion of sentencing and measurement of penalties," he said.

The book will be translated into eight languages, including Japanese dermes.

On May 3, 1946, the post-World War II trials, known as the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, began in Tokyo. The tribunal was active until Nov 12, 1948.

2017年4月20日 (木)

Made for China: Having it both ways

I was sitting in a Wanda Imax theater on the afternoon of June 8 when the opening logos for Warcraft rolled. It started with the so-called dragon logo, China's government seal for any movie-domestic or imported-for public theatrical screening A Bar Education Centre.

Then came the one for the Chinese distributor, followed by Universal Pictures, which is the US distributor.

And then a bevy of Chinese companies that are household names in China.

I could almost see the pop-up balloons floating virtually above the audience: "Is this a Hollywood movie or is it a Chinese one?"

The biggest applause came when the opening logos ended with Blizzard Entertainment. And I instantly knew who made up the bulk of this audience.

Yes, they were diehard fans of the popular video game, by far the most popular in China according to some figures corporate apartment.

Warcraft the movie has grossed 1 billion yuan ($152 million) in its first five days of release. It raked in $24 million in the North American market.

Granted, it's not fair to compare the two figures because it opened on a Wednesday in China to take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a public holiday here. But there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Middle Kingdom is destined to be the biggest market for this particular movie no matter how you dice and slice the numbers.

For the fleeting question that popped up during the first two minutes of the movie-"Is that a made-in-China sign we're seeing?"-the answer is elusive. Chinese investors like Tencent and Huayi Brothers are not forthcoming about how much they put into the movie, and the question is complicated by the fact that the production company involved, Legendary Pictures, was acquired by China's Dalian Wanda early this year.

Sure, the $160 million project was greenlit long before the acquisition. But from a purely financing point of view, the Chinese stake was substantial from the get-go.

Conventional wisdom has it that China will overtake North America next year in the size of the film market-the theatrical part, that is Neo skin lab.

This was not the first time an American film performed better in China than on its home turf. Pacific Rim (2013) grossed 694 million yuan in China and a slightly lower $101 million across the Pacific.

The difference is, this time the result was widely anticipated and the gap in box-office receipts much wider than anything we've seen.

Extrapolating these incidents, you'll see a trend when Hollywood makes movies specially for China. Overseas box-office performance for many of Hollywood's big projects, so-called tentpoles, already accounts for as much as three-fourths of the total.

And it's quite possible that China, growing by leaps and bounds, will become the No 1 destination for some of its future offerings.

But as I see it, they won't be "enhanced Chinese movies".

Hollywood has experimented with Chinese adaptations of their hits, but they did not work half as well as Chinese fare that's faintly and freely inspired by Hollywood hits. Chinese moviegoers do not go to a Hollywood movie for its Chineseness.

Even cameo appearances by Chinese stars may be nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Daniel Wu is in Warcraft, but he is not recognizable even by voice. What matters is the legion of characters familiar to Chinese game players, who number 5.8 million on Chinese mainland-based servers. According to unofficial estimates, the Chinese user base could be double that figure because many are on overseas sites.

The news that Warcraft received predominantly negative reviews in its home country reached China shortly before its debut. But its Chinese partners did not seem worried. (Full disclosure: I moderated the first event of director Duncan Jones, joined by female lead Paula Patton and Wu, of their promotional tour in China, which was a forum at the Beijing Film Academy.)

In China, this is called a "fan film", catering to people who are emotionally invested in the story and oblivious to film reviews.

To understand the innate power of a fan film, all you'll need is flip Warcraft with the new Star Wars with its popularity Stateside.

In both movies, the applause comes at moments that would confound non-fans. Another thing in common is a precipitous drop in attendance after the first week.

Browsing through some of the movie review sites in China, I've noticed it's a split verdict, which is far more favorable than the 27 percent "Fresh" rating on US review site Rotten Tomatoes. While some praised it as the best video adaptation ever, a few compared it to The Lord of the Rings. The scathing reviews from the US somehow worked in the film's favor.

"It's not as bad as they said," I thought.

The first half hour had such a blizzard of proper nouns hurled at us that I was struggling for a fresh air of relatability.

Without knowing anything from the game, I could see the writers and the director working hard to add weight to the characters.

Even though they sport mostly cliches in dialogue, they do not look like people from games. Yet they do not carry the gravitas usually associated with good literature either.

What I found fascinating is Jones' refusal to portray the orcs as across-the-board evil. His decision could be founded on mostly commercial grounds as game players can be either species, humans or orcs (57 percent of Chinese game players chose orcs), but it lends a special relevance that echoes the eerily similar refugee crisis in Europe.

It is legitimate to ask: "Is it morally justified to invade another's home if your own home is destroyed?"

This accidental undertone does not register with most Chinese viewers. But there are lots of details that flew by me but became points of discourse for the fan base.

We probably need to separate the discussions "Is Warcraft a successful movie?" and "Is it a good one?"

For the second question, there need not be a single answer.

For the first, it may take a financial specialist after the dust is settled and the box-office totals come in.

Contact the writer at raymondzhou@chinadaily.com.cn

2017年4月 7日 (金)

Auctioned Ming bowl heading for Shanghai exhibit

A 15th-century blue-and-white bowl that fetched HK$229 million ($29.5 million) at Sotheby's auction on Wednesday will appear at an upcoming exhibition in Shanghai Neo skin lab.

According to the Shanghai billionaire and collector Liu Yiqian, the bowl will be on loan from its current Asian owner for display at the Long Museum, which was founded by Liu and his wife, Wang Wei, and it will be shown as part of an exhibition dedicated to the artworks of the Yongle and Xuande periods of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), scheduled to open on April 28 serviced apartment hong kong.

Standing 23 centimeters high, the bowl exemplifies the magnificence of porcelain making that reached climax during the Ming era, especially the Xuande period the bowl dates from QV baby.

It had been kept in a private Japanese collection for some 50 years before it appeared in Sotheby's salesroom.

2017年3月29日 (水)

Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' continues to lead box office

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast continued to dominate the North American box office with an estimated $88.3 million this weekend, and powered the movie studios to have the best cumulative march film attendance ever.

The Disney monster's North American cume of $317 million is the fourth-biggest 10-day total in history. Overseas, the film likewise stayed atop the chart, grossing $119.2 million for a foreign tally of $373.3 million and $690.3 million globally, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In a distant second, Lionsgate and Saban's Power Rangers opened with a strong $40.5 million. About five teenagers who must become something extraordinary when their small town and the world is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat, the PG-13 reboot of the campy television show cost a reported $100 million to produce warrant calculator .

The film scored an "A" CinemaScore from opening day audiences, of which 30% were under the age of 18 and scored the film an "A+" Filing Cabinet.

Thanks to Beauty and the Beast, Warner's Kong:Skull Island , Fox's Logan, and now Power Rangers among other titles, March box office has already hit $1 billion for the first time -- with five days left in the month according to comScore.

Kong: Skull Island was in third place, with an estimated $14.4 million in weekend sales and a 10-day running total of $133.5 million almo nature.

2017年3月22日 (水)

An apple


A red apple.
At that time I was small, only on the junior high school, the same table is a boy will blush. Yes, the quarrel is red - I've had a lot of fights with him, every time he apologizes Neo skin lab skout. I also secretly feel that he is very gentlemanly. Then the teacher adjusted the position, I and he separated.
That afternoon the sun was very good, riding a car to go to school, thinking of something far away, suddenly think of him. He was in the morning, transferred to the third group, do not know why, my heart empty, like a long time no one cleaned the room. Came to the classroom and saw a new deskmate, did not say a few words with my boys, inadvertently, I turned to him, he and his new deskmate laughing. When I sat down in my seat, I finally breathed a sigh of relief, not for anything, but because I could not see him at this point. My hand reached into a drawer, took the book, with a comfortable and cool things - an apple. There is a piece of paper on it, which reads "to you", and a smiling face. Familiar handwriting, he.
I don't have a smile, but I feel like an apple tree in my heart, but the biggest and the most red apple falls into my hand.
I didn't eat it, and I didn't tear it down. I just put it in the bag and put it back home. When I got home, I didn't eat it. I just put it on the bookcase. It is so red round, like a piece of Browning's poem. I looked at it, as if in the apple on the read words, read a red heart is so mellow.
I can't remember how the days went by Neo skin lab skout. Just remember because I sat on the seat angle to see him, I only have a book when passing glance, he did blush, some girls will not Olympiad title, will move toward the teacher silly smile, but that only belong to our quarrel no longer appear. In the short turn back, I heard my heart for the first time.
Every day I go home, I will speak to that apple, Apple may also be tired of listening to it? The little girl, the little girl's mind. However, apple is still a good temper, exudes a faint fragrance, emitting a seductive sheen, like a silver bowl, the same as the mystery of the grain. Gradually, every time I pass from the fruit stand, see the apple, I will think of him, think of his bright smile, think of his quarrel blush. Simple, like an apple.
When Apple starts to fester, I'm at a loss. The apple is rotting where it begins to flow, I know, it's cider. Smelling the wine, I still didn't throw it away.
When Apple was completely corrupt, I left the note, but there was a trace on it Neo skin lab skout. It was an apple left to the world. That day I passed the fruit stand, bought an apple, put the note on it, just like the original. However, I know that the note is still the original note, I was the original me, just Apple, apple is not the original.
I have always insisted on the habit of waiting for apple to rot, to buy one, put a note on the bookcase. Until junior high school. I took the graduation contact book to look for him, he Leng for a while, or wrote his contact. However, in the message box, he only wrote "I wish you a happy voyage".
Back home, I looked at the apple, shed a tear.
I still remember the tears fall on the voice, although I am a college student, I didn't make a phone call to him, for he didn't buy an apple, because I know that the best way to deal with it is to eat an apple.

2017年2月17日 (金)

Shame and then brave


Life is never smooth, along the road scenery is not all the flowers, sunny. In the tranquil afternoon, setbacks with the suffering, sometimes as the wind coerced with dark clouds, caught off guard, from the sky swept from, instant, heavy rain poured, Montreal messy dermes.

The face of sudden setbacks and suffering, pretending to be chic and open-minded, to Q Q paralyze their own, is never useful to escape, the face, always to face, it is placed in front of you in the life of a Hom Children, you can be humble lying on the bottom of the pit, forget the past, but you will live in the pit at the end of life, you can silently accumulate strength, struggling to take off, jumped gully, from the new world of life dermes.

Remember that these have brought you pain, destroyed the hardships of your life, shame after the brave, these shame, into a record spicy and powerful spur, pumping in our back, into our hearts Let us take full advantage!

Those who flirtatious praise and encouragement, not enough to accompany you to travel, only that melt into the blood, engraved on the bones of shame and humiliation, in order to eventually unwilling to Yang Tian roar, to stimulate your bloody and fighting spirit, smashed all difficulties Live your yoke fetters, get rid of all the burly baggage, with full of shame and the slightest insignificant, but not to blasphemy of dignity, to do to others to see, but also to do their own to see that they are not weak company registry hong kong!

Yu Minhong once said that there are two ways to live, one is to do every day to absorb the rain sunshine, but grow small grass, people can step on you, but not mercy on you, because people did not see you, a Is to grow into a towering tree, very far away people can see, into the shade, after death is still a pillar of the talent, alive and alive are useful.

We ordinary people may be born a grass, was stepped on the soil, was pressed under the stone, but it is not terrible, we can not really destroy, shame after the courage, these experiences into growth Of the nutrients, transformed into a robust tree seedlings, breaking ground out, the top open boulders, blooming out of their own glory.

As for the shame of the hugs Han Xin, hardship Gou Jian, the North Sea Shepherd Su Wu, suffered the palace of Sima Qian.

Ancient into the event, not only the supernatural talent, but also must be perseverance of the Zhi, shame after the courage of the heart!

2017年2月 9日 (木)

Once you


In your arms
Sing mountain
Frolic Garden
But never read your heart
Feel your feelings
Leave you
The hard years in a foreign land
To feel your heart
I remember every mistake
You are patient to correct me
I remember every fall
You raise me up
Your beauty
Your warmth
Your tenderness
Forever in my memory, on the beach
Once upon a time suv car rental
Every action
Every word
Even every quarrel
To make me feel good
Let me live in this society dermes