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Love, has been in


She is a chicken, he is a monkey, they seem to always verify the "chicken monkey is not the end of the" marriage vulgar theory. They quarrel, each time very fierce. Many times, the people around them even their children think they can not go on. But each time, their quarrel is like a volcanic eruption, after the eruption will gradually attributed to calm Wedding planner. So repeated cycle, this off, that is, for decades, life.
They are old. The children are home, not around. Although he retreated, but after all running out for so many years, suddenly idle down, always felt empty heart of the. He reached out to the money to invest her money, she strongly refused to give, and confidently claim that no money at home to his excesses. As a result, two people still noisy, not only noisy, but also turned the old account. He complained of her short-sighted, less than the right places, suspected her money at home do not know where to use. She said he suspected heavy, small-minded, that he is old and old is not corpuscles live, blind toss ... ...
Since then, he ran out of sight day. Although the sum of people to do without the small profits of the sale, not to mention the return on profits, but he was happy Happy. The most important thing is not to listen to her nagging, do not quarrel with her Victoria (Upper Kornhill) Nursery offers baby play group hong kong. English and Chinese Staff will have interaction with students which will creat a trilingual playgroup learning environment for students..
That day, her sudden cerebral hemorrhage, no rescue came, gone.
The family never hear her nagging, and he suddenly felt the terrible silence of the family. He found a few deposit slips in one of her purplish red coats as she packed her clothes. Each deposit is his name, he counted a total of 60,000. They both are ordinary wage earners, he can not imagine how she was for the reading of three children, to pay all the circumstances of the home, save such a sum of "money" left to him.
Each scene of the quarrel scene flashed in front of his eyes ... ... he remembered that every time they quarrel for money quarrel fierce, she will tell him that she is not the day to know where to go the money. He hates his suspicions and cautiousness, he hates himself because she does not often wear this he bought for the expensive coat and angry, quarrel, and even said she was born poor life of the ruthless.
Tears burst down business bank account requirement.
Marriage in the boring day is long, in the boring and long years, silently for another person, think of their lives beyond the distance, this is not love, what is it!

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When any nation is unable or unwilling to provide

While a people sapped by starvation and disease will be wanting in the vigour necessary for offering a prolonged and strenuous resistance, so will a people, seething with class hatred and a sense of tyranny and injustice, be wanting in the spirit. The problem, however, of these unorganised defences, fundamental though it is, stands outside the scope of the present chapter, which is concerned solely with those defences which are organised Hong Kong Stop over.


The beginning of wisdom with respect to all problems of defence is the recognition of the two-headed principle that Policy depends on Armaments just as certainly as Armaments depend on Policy WAN Optimization Solution.

The duty of the Admiralty and the War Office is to keep their armaments abreast of the national endeavour. It is folly to do more: it is madness to do less. The duty of the Foreign Minister is to restrain and hold back his policy, and to prevent it from ambitiously outrunning the capacity of the armaments which are at his disposal. If he does otherwise the end is likely to be humiliation and disaster.

the armaments necessary for supporting the policy which it has been accustomed to pursue and would {226} like to maintain, it should have the sense to abandon that policy for something of a humbler sort before the bluff is discovered by the world.[1]

It may possibly appear absurd to dwell with so much insistence upon a pair of propositions which, when they are set down in black and white, will at once be accepted as self-evident by ninety-nine men out of a hundred. But plain and obvious as they are, none in the whole region of politics have been more frequently ignored. These two principles have been constantly presenting themselves to the eyes of statesmen in a variety of different shapes ever since history began Business Programme BBA.

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Left sleeping position on the health of the best

If you're a snorer, pregnant or just want to show your body some love, try sleeping on your left tonight cruise ship jobs.

There's bad news for those of us who do it on our backs, on our tummies, on our right-hand side, spooning - or even hanging upside down. We are, of course, talking about sleeping.

The position we sleep in may not be the sort of thing worth paying much attention to, but it can have a huge impact on our health.

As the Daily Record reports, sleeping on your left side is the least harmful position for your spine1.

If you lie on your back, there is a danger you'll end up putting too much pressure on your hips2 and upper back.

If you prefer to sleep on your front, then this can lead to neck and lower back strain.

Whereas sleeping on your left-hand side can do you the world of good. The body is able to take the pressure off lymph drainage from the heart and spleen, which is crucial for encouraging the natural flow of lymph fluid and preventing lymphatic congestion3.

As positions go, it's also better for your breathing - especially if you find yourself congested of a nighttime.

Partner who snores?

By encouraging them to lie on their left, the volume and frequency of their snoring will be reduced hk warrants.

That's because lying on your side gives optimum air flow to your lungs and prevents the base of your tongue from lolling into the back of your throat, obstructing4 breathing.

If you suffer from heartburn, sleeping on your left can reduce the uncomfortable symptoms and reduce acid reflux.


Women expecting a baby are advised to adopt this position when falling asleep to encourage healthy blood flow.

And on a more toilet-related topic , adopting the left-hand side will allow your body to process waste quicker, which in turn helps guard you against constipation cuboid mini 80w.

Because of the route the intestines5 take, lying on the left means food is able to travel easier towards your colon6.

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Become a friend is the perfect victory

The mouse is the mountain of the pet, it asked the descendants of the mountain as a back to ordinary animals Новости туризма.

"In the animal world, the elephant is the strongest. You must conquer the elephant after you descend to be eligible to return to me. Otherwise, you will stay in the animal world forever."

The rats agreed to the conditions of the mountain.

But the mouse came to the animal kingdom, they feel it is a rash promise to the mountain gods. Because it is to the animal kingdom, found himself a small and weak animal, to beat the elephant is simply fantasy, it is regretted.

But the mouse decided to give it a try. He wondered if he'd gotten into the elephant's long nose and blocked the elephant's trachea with the body, forcing it to breathe.

That day, it took the elephant to eat the leaves of the machine, quietly into the elephant's nose, ready to implement its plan.

Unexpectedly, just go a short distance, the elephant feel itchy, they suddenly hit a sneeze, the mouse only heard a loud rang, suddenly feel dizzy, like shells were fired at the same height, landing after the whole body like broken The same pain.

It is about this elephant powerful Trip to Hong Kong & China.

The elephant thought, this mouse looks small, appetite is not small, really hateful. Then, as soon as the mouse was seen, the elephant took its big foot on the mouse.

Since then, the mouse is always far away from the elephant. It does not want to ask for it.

Can be a bolt. One day, the elephant fell into the hunter set the giant network. It struggled for a long time did not escape.

Mouse, this is a godsend, the elephant is now no resistance, as long as I dig a few holes in its vital site, it will be dead, and I do not beat the elephant yet?

However, the mouse to see the poor elephant appearance, and could not bear to start. Its conscience tells it that it should save the elephant.

So, it began to use its sharp teeth bite the net and the rope, I do not know how long, that giant network there has been a big gap, elephants suddenly a force, drilled out from the giant network.

Elephant from this thing, see the mouse valuable side, it decided to forge a friendship with the mouse, of course, rats are also willing to pay elephant this kind-hearted friend ground transfers in Hong Kong.

Thus, rats and elephants of the war for the jade silk.

Soon, the mountain god found the mouse, the mouse said: "I have not beat the elephant, it is probably impossible."

"You have turned your opponent into a friend," said the mountain god. "Is there any more perfect victory in the world?"

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What is Education

Hello, my name is Dong Zhongli, an English trainer. I have accumulated 150,000 students trainees, I have taught the city's first graduate students, every year because I learned through the forty-six class exam countless. Students are very much believe me, respect me, call me "little Dong teacher" hotel and tourism management .

However, a lot of time, as a teacher, I will have some confusion.

I speak most of the examination courses are: College English 46, ah, Kaoyan English ah, and so on. Once I talk about four translations, about how Mr. Lin Yutang translation of Jia Island, "Panasonic asked the boy, herbalist herbs to go," Mr. Xu Yuanchong talked about how to translate Li Qingzhao's "search, desolate, desolately miserable ", Referring to Mr. Wang Zuoliang SamuelUllman" youth "translated into" age with Canada, not old, the ideal discarded, side fall old. "I can not help but dance, as the teacher's pride overflowing. At this time, there is a girl directly question me: What do you say these are used? Can I take the exam? You are wasting our time. I think that is also considered eloquent, but at this moment, I actually speechless.

Yes, she said right, useless, can not mention points. But my dear classmate, I did not waste your time. Because just this moment, I did not teach you the exam, I was doing education. As a teacher, an educator, I hope that in the classroom not only to teach students the practical knowledge Hong Kong Arrivals. If only to fight knowledge, fight memory, we have lost.

In 1997, the United States IBM company developed computer deep blue challenge world number one chess master Kasparov. Known as "fighting for human dignity" Kasparov, with 1 win 2 losses 3 level record lost to the deep blue. At that time someone said: chess is too simple! We go, change, you let the computer play a Go try? 20 years later, in the first half of this year, Google developed the artificial intelligence program, the legendary Alpha dog, to 4: 1 win over world champion Li Shishi Kudan, this "man-machine war" The end of the end. It is really flapping face ah.

Slowly we found that artificial intelligence, intelligent; network information, knowledge; computer response, agile extraordinary. We have heard the voice of some parents: Now language, history can be found online, do not have to back; mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, do not count; translation software more and more advanced, foreign languages ​​do not have to learn. Education and Han? Education and Han?

Yes ah, education and Han?

Some time ago a piece of online: that reason to read more, more education, because when we see a group of birds flying in the lake, we can recite the "falling clouds and solitary duck flying together, Day color ", not in that noisy: I go, all birds! When we go to the Gobi tourism, riding a horse when the Pentium, and my heart meditation, "the desert straight smoke straight, long river off the yen," instead of shouting: Oh mother, are sand, go back! This is of course a kind of ridicule, but not consciously between the implication of the core of education hong kong tourist attraction.

Education not only imparts knowledge, but also enhances individual cultivation, increases our sense of life, recognizes ourselves, and continually improves ourselves. I think that this is the education gives us the important value and significance, but also guide us forward hope.

In fact, not only the students, our teachers because of the pursuit of fame and become impetuous. Before we take the test, we predict that after the exam, we have to go far to say how much knowledge of the charge point, how many students because listening to their lessons to improve the number of points. To create a "teacher clever, superb students, parents happy," the joy of the illusion. That year, I also study the examination techniques is never tired. How to choose the option? "Students choose to buy, Bong as I" test God "" idol "" Life Instructor. "" Three years of a short election of a short, three short and one long election of a long, go hand in hand election 2B, uneven selection 4D.

They even asked me in addition to learning outside of their own problems. For example: "Teacher, I do not want to work, other students go to Kaoyan, and I is not the test a research?" "Teacher, my dad wanted me to go abroad, my mother does not worry, I am a bit scared. "" Teacher, I read the undergraduate economics, master's degree in environmental engineering, after graduation should find what kind of work? "" Teacher, I should do? "

This confusion has become a ubiquitous. We taught more than 10 years, students learn more than ten years, and ultimately do not know what to do?

Westerners have raised three major questions: Where do I come from? who am I? Where am I going? The three problems are hooked, we do not know what we do, because we do not know who he is. And this, it is the great lack of education and sorrow.

Since ancient times, strong nationalities are valued education of the nation. Education in Israel, Germany, and Japan is a model for learning all over the world. Israeli primary school to open religion, Germany's philosophy is a compulsory high school students, we went to Japan to visit, see the students in the heavy after school is still involved in tea ceremony training, art appreciation and other activities. At that time, we peer a teacher asked the special classic question: "What's the use of ah?" The teacher said: "These activities are an important part of education is to repair the heart, so that students can better know yourself."

Yes ah, do not know how they would know what they want to do? If individuals do not know what to do, countries and nations do not know what to do. How could there be in the war still alive in the powerful Israel, how could there be a strong rise from the ruins of World War II in Germany and Japan?

And our country, our nation, even more so, the reason why China is known as the ancient civilizations, after thousands of years Britain and the soul does not disperse, calendar million kinds of disasters and always reborn, because we attach importance to education, , As early as in our cultural origin, has the greatest educator Confucius, for our spiritual totem of this culture. For the obsession of education, even in the darkest years of our hardest times, our hearts are thrown away, and he will always be picked up, wiped, and returned to our altars.

Once, we say "reading useless", talent and wealth is not proportional to the creation of our social impetuous state. However, what can be impetuous, but education can not. It is the bottom line of social conscience, is the human soul of the Pure Land, is the founding of the country, is the power of the base. Education for what? Education, is to help individuals recognize their own, to help the nation to know themselves, we can grasp the fate of individuals, to create the country's future.

Educators Ye Hao, Ye Hao educators, we have to do the Northern Song Dynasty education scientist Zhang Zai said the real purpose of reading: for the heart of heaven and earth, for the people Li Ming, to follow the secrets to the Holy, .

So next time, I will be training in the course of time to answer the question, but I will talk about 5 minutes, do not ask this thing Yousha use. This extra 5 minutes, I no longer teach you the exam, please allow me to do an education.

- The above text Author: Dong Zhong Li.

Why, I want to write the original words of Mr. Dong, because I talk about today's topic is to elaborate on his inadequacies and resonance, and the reality of today's educational problems. Because some problems are often theoretically correct, but applied to the actual which is often wrong; and some problems in theory is often wrong, but in reality has evolved into the right; and some problems are clearly education, But implicated in the national conditions. So, when you read this article. Do not be annoying, because, this problem really and your children and grandchildren have a great relationship.

Education and examination of the distinction, education is more than the meaning of teaching, as Dong said to teach people how to test a good result, it is just a score for the purpose of the test, which is teaching rather than education . Teaching is like teaching a driver's license, just teach you how to quickly receive a driver's license only, and education is not only teach you to learn to drive, but more importantly is to teach you how to become a moral, civilized, speaking Disciplined good drivers.

Can now the situation is how? Teachers Ye Hao, students worth mentioning, parents, the triangular relationship, there are a lot for the purpose of teaching, did not put education in mind; and some of the teaching in mind, the education on the mouth; Some simply even what is teaching what education is not clear;

The above argument is correct in education, from the long-term point of view is correct, it is from the national quality improvement point of view, from its rise of the country is also on the rise of the right point of view. But in reality it has been the concept of numerous mistaken strangulation in this impetuous economic and social sea. This is not a big joke? This is not self-deceiving it? This is not a reality which staged a grand new emperor it?

This is the right surface, which is also a short period of time on the model, not because many people learn, you just, because with the many people to become common sense. But this wind can make your eyes full of spring breeze, but in the end may make you great stink for a million years!

Why is this so? You open your eyes to see on it, online, on television, in reality, all the time in the staged. What what the doctor killed the students, what big officials bribes, what what professors adultery students, what executives what business fraud, what the telecommunications mobile employee trading information, what the dozen or so little girls abortion, what the star drug addiction, There are too many what, these things happen Is our education did not happen? I boldly say that there is a serious problem in our education! If our country's education to teach people, from an early age will be able to education for the purpose, from an early age so that they understand the correct outlook on life and values, how could it become like this! Each of us should be brave to stand up, and to speak out loud, wrong is not terrible, afraid of doing wrong has been wrong forward.

Want to change the status quo, not only to education reform, more importantly, the parents of students. Because the parents of every move, a word, can affect children's physical and mental health, not so much the teacher is the child's teacher, as parents are the children's life tutor, so you want to change the child, we must first change Yourself.

Can be realistic, you want to change the concept of parents, it is difficult. Because the idea of ​​a bad home is a problem that has been left over from generation to generation, and this problem always affects the ideas of the next generation. The thorny problem can only rely on the children's consciousness and resistance, no way. This problem is like the early Republic of China and the late Qing Dynasty, as only through a fierce resistance and secretly to the flame!

Anti-corruption Why can not eradicate the root, because corruption is the problem of education. Education is not resolved a day, corruption will never disappear! But some people will say, human nature there is greed, no matter how education is useless. This sentence is true, but the day after tomorrow, education and living environment can inhibit it, and even be able to guide it onto the light, the old saying is not to say that the good near red, black ink, is this truth.

Today to talk about here, and then talk about talking about a three days and nights are endless.

Therefore, the above questions, we all have to ask ourselves, whether you are a teacher or a student or a parent, you are not an educator or an educated person, or an advocate of education, you know. If not, Zhicuohuanduo more urgent!

Finally, I am clear that China's education has not yet been successful, compatriots need to continue to work! China's civilization has not yet formed, compatriots need to move on! China's anti-corruption is not over yet, fellow citizens need to continue to expose!

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A beautiful old country, if the dust. Just at this time a had to find a place in the vast world, only to a. So, let alone, is enough to make a woman behind Best Restaurants in Hong Kong.
The region in the sea, such as duckweed, can not find a bank to stay. I just tired, want to find a can make a stop, let quiet since Anne, listening to flower birds, looked under the sun they can be so much better. The saying goes, a book for a pen, stop and go, do not know at the end of the beginning of this tour, enjoy this stolen moring.
Sunshine smile, warm and comfortable. With the bright sunshine on the road. Branches green, flower leaves, originally the scenery can be so beautiful, beautiful and chic. It is a peach tree, looking at the peach tree, reminiscent of peach, Taozhiyaoyao, shining, it is beautiful posture. Who is singing, half a Huibi Yunshan, the old peach can not see, who said A Maiden's Peach-Pink Face only extremely, Xie in the fundus of the fleeting time gradually. Ten in the old peach, to the other side, has not seen. And where is the other side of me, I do not know, it will continue on the road.
Xu breeze, whirling. It is like a child, dancing. I immediately play big heart, also like a child, jumping. I also have I green is young, thin, time seems to be fixed in this beautiful moment, it seems not old youth. But love will flow through the thought, and for a long time, what seems to her eyes, wet cheeks Hong Kong Cruises. I keep the turned upward.
And the house, and the house, and the land, and the land, and even the man, as he had seen and understood. I think, this is my heart of the place, otherwise it will lead to the consensus of my heart. It seems, I saw the bean Nanshan man is ploughing the field, contented and happy. It is the time, rather than just here to rest, to be tomorrow, a cottage home, on the stability of time spent.
Finally, I have found my return, and the book for the friends, to be a quiet woman. Have no regrets in this life plan your trip hong kong.

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On February two

In February two, the rise of the dragon head, everyone. The night before the spring thunder, today the sun sign. (the "February two" - about dragon) time flies, the Spring Festival did not seem long, QQ group friends this morning to remind you that today is the "February two".
In February two, the rise of the dragon, a large warehouse full, Kokura flow hospitality management." This is our many years ago, the popular proverb, with the progress of the times, people to the "February two" given a lot of new content. But now the younger generation, including a lot of people in our generation, busy working every day, struggling for survival, with the accelerated pace of life, lifestyle changes, and used the Gregorian calendar week of our ancestors left to the traditional lunar new year, year after year in those days usually, it is rarely used.
"Leading shaving is very beautiful, there are a few people go through a barber shop in the" dragon rise "of the day. Shaved leading although there are good moral habits after a haircut, a bath, will not go to work in fine fig, until February two, just before the hair hasn't grown up yet, "February two" to "the leading shaving also that is not necessary, so people the content of this festival is gradually weakened, some of this festival does not seem to know.
Thousands of years of traditional farming life, has accumulated rich heritage of traditional ideas and culture, "February two" is a vivid reflection of the cultural heritage. The author believes that it is necessary for us to save the essence of the national culture, to understand the mentality and thought of our nation from the spirit, so as to strengthen the traditional culture and promote the national spirit.
In February two, the rise of the dragon, gold and silver to flow, good luck this year to start; in February two reenex cps, shaved, shaven trouble and sorrow, joy and happiness good omen; in February two, raise your hand, both good, bright future prospects; in February two, sweet in the heart, even on a business floor!
In the past, when young, "February two" every year on this day, the size of the town street barber shop bustling, parents take their children to the barber, hoping the good omen dragon head, bring good luck to a child, add happiness to life. "Shaving head" has become the parents of the heart of the event, it is a pity that the parents of the world.
According to legend, when Emperor Wu Zetian, angered the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor will not long Wang Shi Yu to the world, causing drought in 3 years. The Dragon King to have mercy on the people, secretly distributed Shi Yu, the Jade Emperor was laid down in the earth pressure. The emperor also stipulates: to the Dragon God, unless the flowering of the beans.
To save the Dragon King, in February two people think up, corn is not gold beans? So every family all popcorn in Chenggong. The helpless, will recall the Dragon King of heaven. In February two barber catch the dragon head, just give the tradition with the Dragon soaring, a scene of bustling activity auspicious meaning, so it is called "leading shaving".
In the north, in February two the typical custom is that people eat beans on this day, the barber barber.
"February two" called Zhonghe Festival (commonly known as the dragon head), in the north, also called the dragon on the rise, Chun long Festival, agricultural scolex, also called TaQingJie south. After February two, the spring rain is as precious as oil heavy earth, moist things. This holiday is a "water dragon" rain "in ancient times, and on the basis of the myths and legends of the world" tourism industry news.
"February two", the legend of the dragon is our ancestors in the snake, earthworms, etc. based on the imagination, and thus the snake is called "Little Dragon"". Before and after two in February, the snake, earthworms and other end of hibernation, began activities. The folk believes that the dragon is the symbol of the emperor, is auspicious, more rain dominate, "February two" is the dragon to heaven began activities of the day, so in February two, the rise of the dragon".
Astronomy expert analysis of "February 2-emergence", a symbol of rebirth, Spring returns to the good earth. Dragon Spring Festival, the spring breeze, the new star of the new wind blowing. Heaven and earth and the skill, the revival of fresh wind. Shaved leading although only a beautiful legend of the minds of the people with no reality whatever, is real.

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Some things don't go well. Anyone who has the past cannot bear to think of the past, do not want to say, if you are very lucky to hear the voices of others, please don't make a joke. At least you were treated as friends, this kind of friend is not now the kind of proliferation of friends. Maybe at that time, you don't mind, I don't mind online digital agency. But after that, I think you will lose something, right? People will be selectively forgotten, will also be selective memory travel to Hong Kong and Macau. How many years have been a joke like perhaps is not worth mentioning, people because of identity, status, origin, knowledge, insights and so do not make friends, because there is little grudges and can't be friends.
-- a man who has always been betrayed by a friend, who has never betrayed and betrayed his chance company registration in hong kong.

2016年4月12日 (火)

Wealth and Happiness

Everybody wants to get wealth. In today’s material world, making money or becoming wealthy symbolizes a person’s success and capability. Many people make every effort, pay any price to attain greater wealth. With money, they can but nice, large apartments in nice neighborhood; with money, they can own stately luxury cars rent apartment. Wealth seems with money. Wealth seems to bring all happiness in life.

In my opinion, people cannot do anything without money, but money is not everything. What money will bring you depends on your personal belief and goal in life. If you are kind enough to help others, especially the poor, money is a good thing to you. With it, you can do much more for the benefit of people and your country, and it will to your own happiness Karson Choi.

If you want money just for your own needs, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. In a word, you should have money spent for more people, only then can money be the source of your happiness Karson Choi.

2016年3月 1日 (火)

Mother and child

a tree covered with tinsel and gaudy paper chains graced one corner. in another rested a manger scene produced from cardboard and poster paints by chubby, and sometimes grubby, hands. someone had brought a doll and placed it on the straw in the cardboard box that served as the manger Massage Chair. it didn't matter that you could pull a string and hear the blue-eyed, golden-haired dolly say, "my name is susie." "but jesus was a boy baby!" one of the boys proclaimed. nonetheless, susie stayed.

each day the children produced some new wonder -- strings of popcorn, hand-made trinkets, and german bells made from wallpaper samples, which we hung from the ceiling. through it all she remained aloof, watching from afar, seemingly miles away. i wondered what would happen to this quiet child, once so happy, now so suddenly withdrawn. i hoped the festivities would appeal to her. but nothing did. we made cards and gifts for mothers and dads, for sisters and brothers, for grandparents, and for each other. at home the students made the popular fried marbles and vied with one another to bring in the prettiest ones. " you put them in a hot frying pan, teacher. and you let them get real hot, and then you watch what happens inside. but you don't fry them too long or they break."so, as my gift to them, i made each of my students a little pouch for carrying their fried marbles. and i knew they had each made something for me: bookmarks carefully cut, colored, and sometimes pasted together; cards and special drawings; liquid embroidery doilies, hand-fringed, of course.

after school the children left in little groups, chattering about the great day yet to come when long-hoped-for two-wheelers and bright sleds would appear beside their trees at home. she lingered, watching them bundle up and go out the door. i sat down in a child-sized chair to catch my breath, hardly aware of what was happening, when she came to me with outstretched hands, bearing a small white box, unwrapped and slightly soiled, as though it had been held many times by unwashed, childish hands. she said nothing. "for me?" i asked with a weak smile. she said not a word, but nodded her head. i took the box and gingerly opened it . there inside, glistening green, a fried marble hung from a golden chain. then i looked into that elderly eight-year-old face and saw the question in her dark brown eyes. in a flash i knew -- she had made it for her mother, a mother she would never see again, a mother who would never hold her or brush her hair or share a funny story, a mother who would never again hear her childish joys or sorrows. a mother who had taken her own life just three weeks before.

i held out the chain reenex. she took it in both her hands, reached forward, and secured the simple clasp at the back of my neck. she stepped back then as if to see that all was well. i looked down at the shiny piece of glass and the tarnished golden chain, then back at the giver. i meant it when i whispered," oh, maria, it is so beautiful. she would have loved it."neither of us could stop the tears. she stumbled into my arms and we wept together. and for that brief moment i became her mother, for she had given me the greatest gift of all: herself.