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Some things don't go well. Anyone who has the past cannot bear to think of the past, do not want to say, if you are very lucky to hear the voices of others, please don't make a joke. At least you were treated as friends, this kind of friend is not now the kind of proliferation of friends. Maybe at that time, you don't mind, I don't mind online digital agency. But after that, I think you will lose something, right? People will be selectively forgotten, will also be selective memory travel to Hong Kong and Macau. How many years have been a joke like perhaps is not worth mentioning, people because of identity, status, origin, knowledge, insights and so do not make friends, because there is little grudges and can't be friends.
-- a man who has always been betrayed by a friend, who has never betrayed and betrayed his chance company registration in hong kong.

2016年4月12日 (火)

Wealth and Happiness

Everybody wants to get wealth. In today’s material world, making money or becoming wealthy symbolizes a person’s success and capability. Many people make every effort, pay any price to attain greater wealth. With money, they can but nice, large apartments in nice neighborhood; with money, they can own stately luxury cars rent apartment. Wealth seems with money. Wealth seems to bring all happiness in life.

In my opinion, people cannot do anything without money, but money is not everything. What money will bring you depends on your personal belief and goal in life. If you are kind enough to help others, especially the poor, money is a good thing to you. With it, you can do much more for the benefit of people and your country, and it will to your own happiness Karson Choi.

If you want money just for your own needs, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. In a word, you should have money spent for more people, only then can money be the source of your happiness Karson Choi.

2016年3月 1日 (火)

Mother and child

a tree covered with tinsel and gaudy paper chains graced one corner. in another rested a manger scene produced from cardboard and poster paints by chubby, and sometimes grubby, hands. someone had brought a doll and placed it on the straw in the cardboard box that served as the manger Massage Chair. it didn't matter that you could pull a string and hear the blue-eyed, golden-haired dolly say, "my name is susie." "but jesus was a boy baby!" one of the boys proclaimed. nonetheless, susie stayed.

each day the children produced some new wonder -- strings of popcorn, hand-made trinkets, and german bells made from wallpaper samples, which we hung from the ceiling. through it all she remained aloof, watching from afar, seemingly miles away. i wondered what would happen to this quiet child, once so happy, now so suddenly withdrawn. i hoped the festivities would appeal to her. but nothing did. we made cards and gifts for mothers and dads, for sisters and brothers, for grandparents, and for each other. at home the students made the popular fried marbles and vied with one another to bring in the prettiest ones. " you put them in a hot frying pan, teacher. and you let them get real hot, and then you watch what happens inside. but you don't fry them too long or they break."so, as my gift to them, i made each of my students a little pouch for carrying their fried marbles. and i knew they had each made something for me: bookmarks carefully cut, colored, and sometimes pasted together; cards and special drawings; liquid embroidery doilies, hand-fringed, of course.

after school the children left in little groups, chattering about the great day yet to come when long-hoped-for two-wheelers and bright sleds would appear beside their trees at home. she lingered, watching them bundle up and go out the door. i sat down in a child-sized chair to catch my breath, hardly aware of what was happening, when she came to me with outstretched hands, bearing a small white box, unwrapped and slightly soiled, as though it had been held many times by unwashed, childish hands. she said nothing. "for me?" i asked with a weak smile. she said not a word, but nodded her head. i took the box and gingerly opened it Tower Server. there inside, glistening green, a fried marble hung from a golden chain. then i looked into that elderly eight-year-old face and saw the question in her dark brown eyes. in a flash i knew -- she had made it for her mother, a mother she would never see again, a mother who would never hold her or brush her hair or share a funny story, a mother who would never again hear her childish joys or sorrows. a mother who had taken her own life just three weeks before.

i held out the chain reenex. she took it in both her hands, reached forward, and secured the simple clasp at the back of my neck. she stepped back then as if to see that all was well. i looked down at the shiny piece of glass and the tarnished golden chain, then back at the giver. i meant it when i whispered," oh, maria, it is so beautiful. she would have loved it."neither of us could stop the tears. she stumbled into my arms and we wept together. and for that brief moment i became her mother, for she had given me the greatest gift of all: herself.

2016年2月 4日 (木)

Movie and Music Piracy

Dear editor,

  I am writing to express my view on the movie and music piracy. Last year, the Hong Kong Government convicted a person of infringing copyright successfully, who uploaded copyrighted movies to his server and allowed other users to download them. For this incident, I am highly disappointed of the Internet user because they infringed the effort that the copyright owner paid. It is morally wrong to upload or download the piracy music and videos illegally. In addition, this phenomenon means the Hong Kong's intellectual property is being exploited. If this phenomenon continues, it is believed that Hong Kong will not have good music or video anymore.

  According to a research from some Universities in Hong Kong, it was found that the different age groups had different reasons of the download or upload the piracy music or videos. The research is divided into two age groups to carry out, a group of teenagers and a group of adults. The research found the reason of most teenagers download or upload the piracy music and videos is that they lack of money and resources Neo Derm Beauty Box. On account of their process of studying, they undoubtedly lack of money and resources to purchase the expensive original CDs or movies. Therefore, the only way they can enjoy the music or videos is to download them from the internet. And for the adults group, the reason is convenient. Nowadays, downloading materials from the internet is very convenient. In addition to the huge resources from the internet, the download time is just for a moment. Therefore, these advantages attracted them to download the piracy music or videos from the internet office furniture. They would not go to the store for the original CDs or movies.

  In this changing society, many citizens are being turned into criminals simply because of the illegal uploading or downloading. As a consequence, the regulations need to be tightening up. And the Government needs to strengthen the law enforcement to crack down on this kind of Internet crimes. For example, formulate new laws to limit the illegal uploading or downloading behavior. Also, the education is significant. No matter how strict the regulation is, if the students are lack of this kind of knowledge, it will surely become a vicious cycle. The criminals will continuously appear in the coming future.

  To summaries, if the Government still doesn’t face to this problem, the intellectual property will be disappeared in Hong Kong. All creativity companies will be closed or moved to other countries because of the illegal downloading or uploading. So, I earnestly request the Hong Kong Government to solve this problem immediately hotel management part time degree.

  Yours faithfully,

  Philip Wong

2016年2月 1日 (月)

Naked Hub emerges as WeWork’s main competitor in Asia

Hours after WeWork announced plans to move into Japan, one of the U.S. co-working giant’s chief rivals made a move to increase the competition in Asia applied technology. Naked Hub, which was born out of China-based luxury resort company Naked Group, today announced a merger deal with JustCo, a fast-expanding co-working firm located in Singapore. It also revealed that it is working to finalize a $200 million Series C round before the end of next month. That’s in partnership with power-broker China Renaissance, which backed Uber rival Didi among major Chinese tech firms, and it could value the firm at $1 billion, SCMP reported. Naked Hub closed a $33 million Series B led by real estate PE firm Gaw Capital last year, until then it had been self-funded by its parent firm. Those figures may be a drop in the ocean for WeWork — which pulled in a massive investment of $760 million this month at a valuation of $30 billion — but they represent significant progress for a venture that is just two years old, and only expanded outside of Shanghai at the beginning of 2017. Suddenly, we can see a major local brand potentially gaining the significance to cause a nuisance to WeWork. That’s because today’s deal effectively unites two companies with a growing collection of co-working spaces in China and Southeast Asia. Naked Hub claims 21 spaces, most of which are in China but also Hong Kong and Vietnam. Five-year-old JustCo, meanwhile, has four spaces in Singapore and is in the process of opening centers in Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Indonesia (Jakarta) to gain a presence across Southeast Asia Managed Cloud Service. In Asia, WeWork is currently operational in China, Hong Kong and India. Aside from its plan for Tokyo, the company is expected to land in Singapore soon based on job vacancies for which it is hiring. Overall, the company has a presence in 16 countries worldwide. Beyond an expanded territorial presence, the coming-together will also take Naked Hub-JustCo past a runrate of $100 million per year, Grant Horsfield, founder and chairman of Naked Group, said. “A merger with naked Hub is timely and makes perfect sense, with JustCo spearheading further expansion in Southeast Asia and naked Hub taking care of North Asia,” Kong Wan Sing, founder and CEO of JustCo, summarized in a statement. Unlike WeWork, Naked Hub has utilized partnerships with real estate development groups to expand its footprint. In particular, it has alliances with China’s Vanke and Minghong groups and Empire City in Vietnam. In an interview with TechCrunch last year, South African entrepreneur Horsfield played down direct similarities between Naked Hub and WeWork 吧椅. “We don’t try to mimic WeWork, we are a lifestyle brand that isn’t just about work,” he said. “We have an education business in Shanghai, for example.” He said also that he believed that close Chinese rival URWork’s rental model and pricing makes it “completely unsustainable” and that, in the wake of many of China’s co-working spaces closing down, catering to startups alone isn’t enough to develop a healthy business. “The whole objective is to create spaces attractive enough for orthodox companies to come in,” Horsfield explained. “I think there will be a massive fallout in the space [in China] very soon.” He said he got into co-working on the advice of a friend having previously specialized in high-end resorts, including a stables and a castle in rural China. But after a debut location in Shanghai sold out of space in six weeks, he decided to “double down” and expand the business. Now he plans to outsmart WeWork by opening more new branches than his U.S.-headquartered rival. WeWork is looking for a modest three to four new spaces in China per year, but Horsfield previously said his company should reach 37 in China alone by the end of 2017. Now there’s Southeast Asia, too, and the expectation 194 spaces across Asia by 2020. Naked Hub isn’t alone in China by any means. URWork recently landed $30 million to ramp up its international expansion plan, which has already seen spaces opened in Singapore, London, Taiwan and New York. https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/18/naked-hub-emerges-as-weworks-main-competitor-in-asia/

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圧倒的に旅行客數學補習班推薦 が減った上、円安では

2015年11月20日 (金)


両親と一緒に、関ヶ原へ避孕 藥ドライブに行ってきた。


まず初めに、町の歴史民避孕 藥 副作用俗資料館を訪れた。



2015年11月18日 (水)


人や言葉や大切邂逅は、 素晴らしい神仏のおかげなりご先祖様もね。 そうして そうかんがえていこう。 私のなりにばちゃんのひとりごと

今日は整形外科に、電気治療に行きましたら、ご近所のよく知っている方にお会いしたのす。いつも足とり軽くあっちこっちへ ハイキングやら、登山やらされていてね。 とても素敵なお鑽石能量水ばあちゃんですの。ねえぇ どうなさったの?」 と聞いたら、山登りに行き何でもないところで転んでしまって、やっと 少しいいと思って出掛けたら、また、転ん

じゃったのよ・・・。そう言っておられた。 {骨折よ。足首の辺り}そう言えば、暫くお会網路品牌聲譽管理いしてなかったかんだ。 と、思う暢気な私。「なんでもない 気楽に歩いているところで転んじゃった。 難所はね。

気をつけるのに・・・・」 と、自分に念を押すように言われ、あーあ 私も、心しないとなあー。 最近 もう少し用心して歩かないと・・・ね。ハッとしたことがあったのでね。 うっふふ ドジな性格なんです。嬉しいことがあって。 数学のブログでね。 ちょっと、できるかも・・・?

って。 正解できたのです。 こんなことができたなんて、うれしい。ブログの先生 ありがとうございます。 二度とできないでしょうがなんだか できる気がしてどんなこともまず できる 出来そうそう思うことから はじまるよねなんだってまず やってみることだと思うそう思うと だんだん 出来る気がしてくる不思議だけどなんか 
自信が芽生えるから不思議そうして 何度でも 気になってやってるうっふふ うっふふなんか 心がうれしくなってくるんですものやれば なんだって こうして やるといいかも誰でもできる、優しい問題よね。出来ったんだと思うんだけで、嬉しくてね。ひとり 嬉しいの。 数学のブログの先生に感謝しちゃうわ。またね。 読んで下さってありがとう。 またね笑ってね。面白いおばあちゃんなんです。 なんか 嬉しい溢價いい気分です。

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